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The Grommet Grill with Leslie Carothers

A few weeks ago, we kicked of a new series called the Grommet Grill (check out our first respondent, Whoopi Goldberg and our second, Chris Brogan). This is a series of  quick interviews with people in our community.  Our community members tend to be people who are uber-passionate about the companies and products they support.  So we decided to turn the table and ask them to imagine what they would do if they were on the “creator” side of the equation.

Grommet Grill with Leslie CarothersToday's Grommet Grill is with Leslie Carothers. Leslie is the CEO of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a social media agency for the furniture and interior design industry. She's also one of our favorite people to tweet with (follow her here).

Grommet: If you were a product what would be your tagline?

Leslie: I own a website, http://messagesofhope.com, which, today, is empty, but which, one day - I hope soon, will deliver those messages, via products, to millions around the world.


Grommet: What’s your favorite product ever and why?

Leslie: Starbucks' VIA  individual coffee packets - because I travel a lot, i love coffee, and I don't like airplane coffee.

Grommet: If you could invented a product what would it be?

Leslie: Prescription eyeglasses that, with a click, turn into sunglasses. When you wear prescription eyeglasses, it's not flattering to add the little *sunshades* over your glasses + they're always getting scratched or lost.

Grommet: Did you ever buy something and regret it?

Leslie: All the time -mostly makeup that promises one thing and delivers another. My most recent example was mascara that promised longer lashes, it worked well -until I went to remove it and 1/2 of my real eyelashes were removed, too.

Grommet: Who do you think is the best spokesperson for a product?

Leslie: The person who knows that industry, who can write well and speak well and who understands how to connect that product's potential buyers with the benefits that matter to the product's buyers.

Grommet: What product do you think you'd be the best spokesperson for? Why?

Leslie: I am a spokesperson already for Olioboard, a website product that allows, for free, the world to create, share or keep private, 2D and 3D visual storyboards/moodboards which can be uploaded with any URL on the web. Any of the Grommet's entrepreneurs can upload their products into sets on Olioboard's site so that the global community there can start using and sharing them in their storyboards. I am the right spokesperson for this website product because I am personally connected, online and offline and around the world with every stakeholder that  can benefit so that I am able to help foster a worldwide win for all involved.

Grommet: What product would you like to see disappear?

Leslie: Non organic lawn fertilizers.


Thank you to Leslie for letting us grill you here on Grommet. Hey, sounds like you could use some better makeup -- good thing we know people who scout for the best new products ;). We're on it!




  • Cindy C. Says:

    Leslie is wonderful at what she does for ID's and that industry. I had the privilege of meeting her in Birmingham over a year ago. Nice lady!!

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