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The Grommet Meets BEAMS

Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

One of the ways The Grommet extends the concept of Citizen Commerce is by pursuing new opportunities for our Makers. Seeing them grow their businesses and succeed is the main objective. We’re very excited to share our collaboration with the iconic Japanese lifestyle brand BEAMS and to share with you the collection of Grommets their team selected to be offered for sale through Rakuten Ichiba.

Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

BEAMS is well known in Japan for its carefully curated product selections. They have 30 different brands, and each one features beautifully designed retail shops that are merchandised by the look and feel of the products, making shopping a comfortable and delightful experience. They offer men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories, as well as home goods, luggage and music.

Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

BEAMS buyers and merchandisers are highly regarded, even celebrities, in Japan, and articles have been written about how BEAMS does things differently -- promoting the individualism and celebrating the personalities of each member of their team. This very attitude shines through in their collection of Grommets.

 Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

Shuji Sekine, Planning Director

Sekine-san prefers useful items, and he discovered a Grommet that seemed so unique he couldn’t help but add it to his list of Grommets for BEAMS: Recoil Cord Winder.

 Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

Tomo Kaneda, Buyer

Kaneda-san has been a buyer for BEAMS womens lines for almost 20 years, and she enjoys products that will make people feel happy to receive them as a gift. Her Grommet choices include Red Maps, Toockies and Poppy Drops.

 Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

Yuichi Furuya, Buyer

Furuya-san selected items that he hasn’t seen in Japan before. He is interested in daily use items such as Pocket Monkey, Broadmann Blades and MonkeyLectric bicycle lights.

Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

Miho Ikeya, Visual Merchandiser

Ikeya-san works as a Visual Merchandiser, coordinating shop displays for women's bags, shoes and other accessories. She picked Grommets such as Annabelle Noel Designs, Coin Laundry and Dennis Higgins Jewelry.

Citizen Commerce - Grommet meets BEAMS

Satoko Kimijima, Shop Manager

Kimijima-san chose BluApple as her Grommet because she loves food and the idea of keeping produce fresh longer appeals to her.  She works at the BEAMS TIME shop, which sells general home goods and accessories.

For many of these Grommet makers, it is their first foray into international sales. With the team at BEAMS hand-selecting and supporting them with their own product videos, they are off to a great start!


These Grommets are on sale at Rakuten Ichiba for a limited time and as always, right here on The Grommet.



  • Karen Walters Says:

    Do you have a catalog that I can sit down and look at?

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Karen, we do not have an in-print catalog. We do however publish online catalogs throughout the year. You can see our most recent one <a href="//www.thegrommet.com/gifts/mothers-day/catalog" target="_blank">here</a>.

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