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The most popular toys, which was your favorite?

We all remember our favorite childhood toy (mine was an etc-a-sketch) and with the holiday season fast approaching, we're likely wondering  what the most popular toy out there is. It's fun to think back to what was popular when we were kids and compare them to what toys are at the top of  our kids', nieces', nephews', and grandkids' lists.

most popular toys

In the 1900's the most sought after gift were Crayola Crayons and between 1910-1920 it was all about Raggedy Ann dolls.

The 1930's brought on the craze of the View Master and in the 1940's, everyone wanted their own game of Candyland (still my favorite board game!).

most popular toys

The 1950's brought Mr. Potato Head, who happened to be the first toy ever advertised on TV and one of the most popular toys of all time. In the 60's, the Troll doll was the big hit (with a second big boom during their 90's comeback). Speaking of the 90's, anyone still have their collection of Beanie Babies? I bet a few of you do!

What was your favorite childhood toy?

most popular toys - Perplexus

Check out two of our unique toy discoveries: Perplexus and AFO Flash Flyer. We are asking you to vote for your favorite and enter to win one of these cool toys for yourself (or a cool kid in your life)! Check out all the details on our Facebook page. Can't wait to hear which toy is your favorite!

source and photos via Forbes.com


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