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The old world charm of unique fragrances

I first heard about Fabienne Christenson’s work with fragrances while living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through her company, Possets Perfume, she occasionally creates fundraising fragrances named after cats who are at Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Since her first attempt to make perfume many years ago at the tender age of six, Fabienne hasn’t looked back. She’s positively hooked on the art of perfume!

perfume - possetsPossets are oil-based fragrances that are hand-blended by Fabienne herself. These charming scents conjure up images of old world perfume bottles and make you wish you had a beautiful dressing table full of antique atomizers. Every Posset has a story behind it, and Fabienne even writes an original Victorian romance called Dark Matter which inspires some of her scents.

According to Fabienne, "posset" is an archaic English term which originally meant a sweet smelling "sop" or palliative which was concocted only to make you feel better, but not to cure anything. Later it came to mean something you treated yourself to, such as a small personal indulgence.

Some of Possets’ scents are permanent, and some seasonal. Fabienne is always innovating and creating scents that intrigue and inspire. Cambienne might be her most interesting scent. It’s a perfume that she releases every January and tweaks periodically throughout the year to represent seasonal changes.

Possets is “affordable bottled happiness,” as Fabienne likes to say. She wants every one of us to be able to afford to have an entire wardrobe of fragrances. And she’s not talking only about women! There are plenty of Possets for men, too.

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