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The One Thing I Can’t Live Without

At Daily Grommet we love to tell the stories behind the products we feature.  We also understand that sometimes a seemingly not-so-special product takes on a level of significance we'd not anticipated.  And we're finding out, day by day, that folks just can't live without all kinds of different things.  We asked Lindsay Ferrier, who blogs at Suburban Turmoil, about a product she simply can't live without.  Her post follows, and it is seriously funny.  Love this!

By Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil

Good housekeeping is a lot less glamorous than it’s made out to be in detergent commercials.

Making sure that a home and family are running smoothly involves a ridiculous amount of drudgery. Even for those lucky enough to have a husband who helps out around the house, the lion’s share of the job almost always ends up with the lady of the manor, and every lady has a least favorite chore. Some despise dealing with the endless baskets of laundry. Others consider cooking to be their own personal hell.

I have a special loathing reserved for cleaning my bathroom. When I was a single career girl dreaming of the day I’d marry and raise children, I certainly never included scrubbing ass-nasty toilet bowls in that fantasy. In fact, if I had, I might still be single today.

Fortunately, I’ve found a solution that almost makes cleaning toilet bowls bearable: my portable DVD player.

Portable DVD player

Portable DVD Player

Yes, friends, I am that shallow. My portable DVD player (along with a steady stream of television episodes on DVD) is the one thing I can’t live without- not if my family wants to be able to walk across the kitchen floor without their feet sticking to it, anyway.

Ever since I got the bright idea of using my house cleaning time to catch up on all the TV I no longer have time to watch, my life has improved immeasurably. No matter where I have to go to do the work, my DVD player is there for me.

Cooking’s a breeze when I’m strolling through Stars Hollow with the Gilmore Girls! Laundry? No problem! Not when Dr. McDreamy’s in da house! And I’ll happily buff up my bathroom sinks if the Desperate Housewives are keeping me company.

I don’t even have to face the guilt of “wasting” my time with television. After all, I’m getting some very important (if incredibly mindless) work accomplished- and zoning out in the process.

I’m not sure how I managed for so long without my portable DVD player. I can only guess that I was a bitter, resentful woman back then, dreaming of what time I needed to pick up my stepdaughters from school, as opposed to whether Jim and Pam from The Office would ever get engaged.

So for those of you out there currently staring at the wall while pushing a spoon through hot mush on the stove, might I advise you to invest in a portable DVD player of your own? Before you know it, life will seem far more glamorous and fun, filled with social activities, handsome young men, and size 0 designer dresses.

It might not be your life, but let’s not be picky. We bloom where we’re planted, and sometimes a little fertilizer helps keep us going.

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