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The one "thing" I can't live without by Angella Dykstra

At Daily Grommet we're always looking for that special and interesting story behind products and we work hard to share those stories with you in our videos, blogs, and discussion. So we thought it would be fun to ask some of our blogger friends to share stories behind their favorite things. This week's post is by Angella Dykstra, who blogs at DutchBlitz.net and whose beautiful photos you can see here.


angella21I would think that if asked what "thing" they couldn't live without (Physical thing as opposed to, say, family or love) the responses from people would be quite varied. Anything from a favorite pair of jeans, to a special piece of jewelry, to a coffee mug that makes you smile.  I have all of these things but none of them is so special that it deserves the title of The Best. When I stopped to ponder what my one things would be, it did not take long for me to realize what it is: My camera.

I have always been one for capturing moments on film. I have quite the stack of photo albums that are filled with photos that I took throughout high school and college. Photos of events that I attended, of friends that I spent my spare time with, of places I went to visit. After my husband and I got married I received a substantial bonus at work.  We used it to buy my very first 35mm camera. I was still documenting moments and events, but now the quality of those photos was better.

Fast forward a few years and we started having babies. Now instead of the occasional photo taken of places we went to or the quarterly photo I managed to get my husband to be in with me, I had (Very cute) subjects to photograph. Milestones to document. Growth to capture.  I snapped many, many photos of my babies as they grew.

angella3Fast forward a few more years and my photography equipment went digital. So did I. Within months of getting a digital camera I was told about this thing called "blog". Now, instead of merely filling photo albums full of photos (sometimes weeks or months after taking them), I could document the happenings of my children in real time. What better way to keep my family breast of what our little family was up to? I have always loved to write and to take photos; now the two could go together in this new forum. The added bonus is that I have the history of our lives documented for eternity. Some days I like to flip through my archives; I am reminded of stories and events that have grown hazy and dim and sit and marvel at how much my children have changed in such a short time.

Aside from this documenting of my children and our family, my camera is something that fulfills me personally. It is an outlet that challenges me intellectually as I learn more about manual photography and it lets me flex my creative muscles as well. When I am looking through the viewfinder and capturing something in a way I never would have thought possible, I am completely invigorated. As I continue to hone this skill I fall more and more in love with the craft of photography. It is something that brings me great joy whether I am capturing my family or getting to the macro level with a beautiful flower. It is something that I do for me. I can honestly say that my camera is the one "thing" I cannot live without.

How about you?  What is the one "thing" that you can't live without?


  • Dutch Blitz » The One Thing I Can’t Live Without Says:

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  • Heather @Domestic Extraordinaire Says:

    I too couldn't live without my camera!

  • Sherry Says:

    Definitely my camera as well. I very rarely leave my home without it, even if I'm just walking my dog around the block or taking my kids to the same park as always - because you just never know when you will NEED to take a picture.

  • Amanda Brown Says:

    There are a few: diet coke, 30 Rock, and my girls' nights out!

  • schmutzie Says:

    Coffee, the internet, "Law & Order", love.

  • hillary Says:

    it would be a tie between my camera and my laptop

  • Barbara Says:

    Coffee in the morning! Preferably in my large Krispy Kreme mug (sorry to my friend, Scott, who works at Dunkin Donuts HQ...)

  • julespieri Says:

    Man oh man I am having trouble with this question. I first think--my phone and MacBook--and then immediately also think...."I would LOVE to live without both of them, at least for a whole day."

    Then I think harder about what makes me desperate if I can't find it, and I get all resentful when I realize that one thing--the thing I panic about not being able to find, especially on a plane or train --is a pair of reading glasses. In the last year, all of a sudden, my eyes are on a rapid course aging trajectory. It upsets me just to write about it! Me--of the better than 20-20 vision all my life! I thought I was bionic, practically. (I really did think that, when I was a little girl. I used to think that I was the only person in the world who could actually see molecules. Then I revealed my secret super-power to my mom, and she told me I was seeing dust motes floating in the sunshine.)

    OK, OK what do I actually, truly love? Shampoo. I could not live without shampoo. Does not matter the type--just have to have clean hair.

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