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The Power of Small

“We all succeed when small businesses succeed.” You heard this line ad nauseum throughout the election cycle, but practically, outside of a sound bite, what does that look like?

It starts by looking something like this.


We are Jules Pieri and John Venhuizen, the CEOs of The Grommet and Ace Hardware and we are bridging local store owners, Makers – and you, to help small businesses thrive.

We passionately believe that there is power in small. The small business. The little guy. The dreamer. The inventor whose vision could be the next big thing. The folks who wake up every day with a chip on their shoulder because they have to duke it out against the shackles of bureaucracy and the Goliaths of business every day. We believe that there is a liberating strength and might in our collaboration.

We share many of the same goals. We want to strengthen Main Street. We want to amplify the maker movement and launch a new and different kind of industrial revolution. We’re working together to bring more early-stage businesses into your backyard. This creates jobs for people you probably know, gives you higher quality products and bolsters your local economy.


We believe in the consumer. We know that consumers yearn for more than cookie-cutter, commoditized, generic stuff anyone can get from nearly every store. We know that consumers still believe in discovery, values-driven brands and a local face behind their retail purchases.

We firmly believe that there is more to the shopping experience than just faceless interactions and drone delivery. Together, Ace and The Grommet, we can offer our customers more of what we believe makes America special, the unbridled creativity of the local entrepreneur.

And we’re not budging. We’ve seen the business landscape stacked against the underdog for too long. The way we can tip the scales is by investing in innovation. So we will. And we hope you join us.

You play a vital part in this success. We humbly ask for your continued support. Visit your local Ace, try these innovative products from the Grommet. It takes tenacity, guts and grit to build a company and help it grow. Learn more about our collaboration that’s putting Grommets in Ace stores in your neighborhood, including more than 170 locally-owned Ace Hardware stores just last month.

Thank you for your support, for supporting small.



  • Sandy thompson Says:

    I have made several purchases from The Grommet and love to visit local ACE HARDWAREstores.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Joy Says:

    My husband and I so enjoy Ace Hardware totes. They greet us when we walk in, offer help to us, then escort us to what we are in for. That is never the end of our visit to Ace, though. I (especially) like to stroll around to see what's new in the stor. Rarely do I leave with ONLY what I went to ACE HARDWARE seeking!

  • Brenda Norman Says:

    Did just overlook the Odessa, TX store in your list? :)

  • Michael Wilson Says:

    I shop at Ace Hardware NW 23rd and Penn. Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I go there a lot because they almost always have what ever I need. Their people are very helpful and have led me to exactly what I need for projects around the house. They know their products and have helped me figure out what I need to fix something when I had no clue. Thank you Ace.

  • Nancy Says:

    My latest purchase with the Grommet was some Peeps for my son. He loves them & has been posting about them on his Face Book time line. Thanks so much for promoting the little guy & "home town" atmosphere. A very pleased customer !

  • Cheri Says:

    I hope you add Peoria IL to your list of Ace Hardwares. You have a lot of interesting products, a couple of which I gave as Christmas gifts this year. I think your timing is spot on!! The country is suddenly changing its perspective on the value of us 10s of millions of little guys scattered across the country!!! Good luck to a great idea!!!

  • LuAnne Says:

    In Corinth, Mississippi, we've got Biggers' Ace Hardware and I'd love for us to be the first store you add in Mississippi!

  • Jacky pelletier Says:

    Love the store in Scarborough Maine!

  • Janey dancho Says:

    What about me, in Venice Florida, 34292
    Bring Grommet to our fine Ace.

  • Nancy Says:

    Always happy to shop Ace and not one of the big box stores! They're helpful, pleasant and always have what I need from a hardware store.

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