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The Product Pitch, winner takes all!

By now we're guessing you're as excited for From Home Plate to a Home Run The Product Pitch as we are! We're digging in and combing through impressive product submissions and just can't wait to see which team wins. They'll be excited to -- just take a look at what's up for grabs!

The winning product concept team will benefit from Daily Grommet's vast expertise successfully launching consumer products. Daily Grommet will provide consultative advice and connecting assists to guide your concept all the way through the process to a market-ready product. Additionally, a chronicled journey on Boston.com, additional media exposure, and launch on Daily Grommet, is sure to make your product shine.

Additionally, we're working with some wonderful prize sponsors who are giving a winner package that includes:



Indiegogo | 1:1 Crowdfunding campaign consulting to 10 teams + blog post marketing push to the winner (and campaign with the most contributions)



Google Apps | Chromebooks + 1 year free Google Apps for Business

| PR NewsWire - Three complimentary iReach online press releases





MassChallenge -Waiving application fees




 | Shipwire - $500 in free fulfillment services (storage and handling). Time with our team to discuss their packaging and shipping strategy.



     | General Assembly Boston - Five in-person classes






| Grasshopper Service – 6 Months



| Workbar - 1 month of free space for 3 team members





Who's going to take it all home? We'll all find out on March 19th. Until then, be sure to check out the 10 Players and vote for your favorite team here!


  • Peter Campbell Says:

    Looking forward to see what creative minds have brought to the table.

  • DrinkSavvy Says:

    Help prevent drug-facilitated sexual assault by voting for DrinkSavvy! Our cups, glasses, straws/stirrers look and function normally, but they will immediately change color to warn you if a date rape drug is slipped into your drink. Vote for DrinkSavvy and help prevent someone from experiencing this horrific crime. Thank you so much in advance for your vote!

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