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The Shoe That Grows

A shoe that grows with a child isn’t just innovative. It’s life changing.

Over 300 million children worldwide don’t own a pair of shoes, often because they’re in poverty. They walk unprotected against everyday hazards like inclement weather and sharp objects. Worse, if they’re living in an area with poor sanitation and improper hygiene, they’re vulnerable to the soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that afflict two billion people every year.


The Shoe That Grows from Because International (BI) is an affordable, sustainable design that will fit—and protect—a child for years. Its durable rubber soles and high-quality soft leather are outfitted with an adjustable set of buckles and snaps.

There’s a considerable movement behind BI. Their impactful mission is the main driver, and their efforts engaging people around the world have really strengthened that movement. Our community responded powerfully to their cause and the simple, smart solution they’ve found to help those in need.

Currently, donations through The Grommet are funding a batch of 5,000 pairs of shoes being made at a local factory in Ethiopia. They will then be shipped to Kenya where a member of the BI team will warehouse and distribute them to different orphanages and groups working in the area.

Because International credits their success with their approach—something they call “Practical Compassion.” Each level of involvement with their organization takes a step toward achieving their mission.

To start, you can donate a pair of shoes for just $15. For $45 you’ll get a pair for yourself (they make them for kids and grownups) and BI will donate two pairs to children. You can also raise awareness and money in your community by holding a fundraiser. BI will help you start a fundraising page and give you guidance and examples of successful events that others have hosted.

If you work with an organization serving children or are traveling to a region in need of help, BI can even give you 50 pairs inside an airline-friendly duffel. They will fill the bag and send it to you; you just check and deliver the shoes once you reach your destination.

The Shoe 4

This week, the accessible engagement of BI reaches its yearly peak. From April 3 - 9, they celebrate their Wear-A-Pair initiative to raise funds and awareness for their size-growing shoe. The campaign calls for kids and adults to wear a pair in their daily lives and share the experience online and off.

Those who participate receive a pair of The Shoe That Grows and a ‘Generosity Handbook.’ The handbook is a daily lesson plan full of inspiring stores and quotes to help kids understand how to grow into generous adults.

At The Grommet, we know the considerable power a dedicated, engaged community wields. The work of The Shoe That Grows is moving, its structure is a model of organizational efficacy, and it’s a philanthropy we are proud to support this month.

To learn more and donate, click here.


  • Jody Hershberger Says:

    Love these! A friend of mine shared this and would like to put them in Operation Christmas Child boxes. I think that would be a GREAT idea! Is there a place to buy them? Thank you!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, Jody. I agree that's a great idea. Follow the link in the blog post and you'll end be able to find them for purchase.

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