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These crowdfunding campaigns are kick-ass for February


New products - Daily Grommet

Are you a hardware product geek? Do you support projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that you think might make it big? Or, that you might like to eventually own? Well,  we do every month! Below you can check out our list of campaigns that we've contributed to in February and which projects we can't wait to see lining store shelves. Why are we contributing? Check out our first post in this series that explains why we like to have a stake in the game.



iSmartAlarm: Protect your home even when you're not at home.

$110,000 raised of $55,000

Days to go: Only 2 more days!

iSmartAlarm is an intelligent home security system with motion sensors, infrared cameras and contact sensors. Everything is monitored with the touch of your finger with the iSmartAlarm from your iPhone. Did you remember to close the garage? iSmartAlarm will tell you. Are you working late and want to make sure your home is safe? Check up easily with the iSmartAlarm. It's security at the touch of a button and helps you to relax and enjoy your day more.


3D Doodler pen! Can you believe this is what it can create?!

3Doodler: The world's first 3D printing pen!

$950,000 raised of $50,000 ---- wow, way to go!

Days to go: 32

BREAKING NEWS: This campaign has officially hit the $1 million dollar mark. This is huge news and happens very rarely. The Grommet team is especially excited about this product. How cool is a pen that creates 3d structures? You can create everything from a simple 3d drawing to an entire structure. The video even shows how someone made an Eiffel Tower! We're watching this one closely as it could be majorly disruptive, and you should be watching too.

Freeloader backpack


The Freeloader: Now carry your kids on your back safely and easily.

$13,000 raised of $30,000

Days to go: 16

This carrier is called the next generation of child carriers for a reason. We've never seen anything like this and while it's a simple idea, it will make a huge difference in the lives (and backs) of parents who are used to carrying their children around on their backs and fronts. It was made to withstand enough weight that  a grown man can even do pull ups on it.


Lumio light! Just one of the ways you can use it to light the way.

Lumio: A cool, modern lamp with infinite possibilities

$250,000 raised of $60,000

Days to go: 22

The first thing that came to mind when we saw this pop-up lamp was "Wow, it's beautiful and so functional". Imagine opening a book, have it fan out into a something gorgeous and then be able to attach it anywhere and it will light the way. Pretty cool, huh? The uses are endless!



Hydrosleeve: hands free hydration for your upper arm while you run

$5,500 raised of $25,000

Days to go: 32

Anyone who likes to run long distances knows the challenge of finding a way to carry a water source with you. Yes, there are some smaller waterbottles that you can attach to yourself in some way. But you can always feel them bouncing around and they never quite do the trick. Enter, Hydrosleeve. Hydrosleeve is literally a sleeve that you attach to your upper arm with a small pouch that contains just 6-8 ounces of water. When you need a little swig, you just drink right from your arm. Yup, it's that simple.


We also contributed to these campaigns (which you should check out as well):

Zuvo Water, Lynx, The Ridge, Pre-heat, BentBasket, Greenbox, Articulate Wallets and NanoLight.

Know of any  new products we should keep our eye on or support? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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