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Think Local: American-Made Products from Hometown Entrepreneurs

Hand Stitched Baseballs from Leather Head Sports

How 'bout some USA-made baseballs to play our national pastime?

Is it the flags? The fireworks? We're not sure, but something about Independence Day makes us even more patriotic than usual.

In the spirit of the 4th, here are some of our favorite American-made Grommets. (And since there's way more where this came from, be sure to browse the Made in the USA category of the Daily Grommet site, too.)

Reclaimed Fishing Rope Doormat
David Bird's company, Custom Cordage, recycles old float rope from lobstermen to make these all-American doormats handwoven in Waldoboro, Maine. They’re indestructible as they are colorful, as they've already withstood the Atlantic, and you know, lobsters!

Vintage Style Hand-Sewn Baseballs and Footballs
Paul Cunningham's company, Leather Head Sports, makes hand-sewn baseballs (shown at right) and footballs both brimming with nostalgia and ready for real play. They're also made from American leather, right here in the USA.

Reusable Produce Bags
Friends Sasha Barr and Meagan Claire Hall of Wonder Thunder produce these whimsical, screen printed produce bags in Seattle. And they attend to every detail - from drawing the designs and printing the unbleached cotton, to stitching it up. The bags make it easy to shop for fruits and veggies without plastic bag-induced guilt!

Letterpress Paper Goods

Alabama-based Night Owl Paper Goods makes eco-chic cards and journals out of sustainably harvested yellow birch wood. Partners Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham embellish their stationery with hand-pressed graphics influenced by American folk art.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets
The folks at Lodge have been making cast iron cookware in Tennessee since 1896, so it's no surprise they figured out how to pre-season their pans. For serious cooks, that means no time (or food) wasted breaking in your cookware. Gotta love American ingenuity!


  • karen Says:

    Don't forget the June 15th Grommet..Mouthman Shark Shirt... Made in USA!

  • Night Owl Paper Goods Says:

    We're owl so very proud to be a "made in the US" Grommet! Thanks so much for the blog love!

  • Paul Says:

    Thank you Grommet people! It's terrific that people can still make great stuff in the U.S.A.

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