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THINX: New York, New York
What is it?

Fashion + Technology intersect to solve a global problem.

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Product Description:

THINX (www.shethinx.com) solves two problems. One, THINX is a patent-pending, leak-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking pair of underwear. It thinks of women and girls every day of the month, every month of the year, and this underwear is also beautiful, breathable and comfortable.

Two, THINX has a partnership with AFRIpads to help address a worldwide problem of women and girls in the developing world missing 3-7 days of school or work per month because she doesn't have the right resources. They are also resorting to unimaginable solutions such as using things like twigs, leaves, dirty rags. Many girls drop out or get pregnant early, causing a substantially disempowered female population with fewer choices to better themselves and their communities.

To provide a solution, THINX has partnered with an organization based in Uganda called AFRIpads to create 7 washable, reusable pads for every pair of THINX sold in the developed world (Buy 1 Fund 7). Unlike other One for One models, THINX has an empowering business model as it helps to create jobs and drive income for the local economy: The pads are not simply given away but are made locally and more affordably available for purchase by those who need them the most.






Twitter: @SheTHINX

Team Bio:

THINX was created and co-founded by three entrepreneurial friends (two of whom happen to be identical twin sisters which makes their co-founding friend Antonia's head spin!). Miki is the founder of WILD (currently known as Slice Perfectwww.sliceperfect.com), a farm-to-table pizza franchise based in NYC, and Radha is the founder of Super Sprowtz (www.supersprowtz.com), a children's media company that inspires kids to lead a healthier and happier life, also based in NYC. Antonia is a PR/Marketing Executive and classically trained cellist who has been overseeing the production and design of THINX for the last two years.

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