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This Grommet marks a place in time

As many of you may know, The Grommet has a new home. To mark this important event in Grommet history, we asked Dan Linden from Cut Maps to help us hold onto a place that is very special in the history of our company. Dan is one of our many extraordinary and generous Grommet partners and he made a Cut Map of Lexington, MA the town where our company grew up. He marked the location of our office with a purple house (It should be noted that our office was originally yellow but the landlord painted it purple in 2011 and so we operated out of a purple house).

Laser Cut Maps

 Dan’s custom-made, laser-cut, Cut Maps depict the hundreds of streets crisscrossing your town or city in an elegant, modern format. Whether you want to commemorate the hometown that you know like the back of your hand or the city you’ve always dreamed of visiting, Cut Maps beautifully showcases your special place. Cut Maps are more unique than an ordinary piece of art and more solid than just a memory. For the Grommet Team, our special Cut Map will remind us NOT to forget where we came from.

Laser Cut Maps | The Grommet


While we’ve moved on from the days of overcrowded work space and too few chairs, we want to hold on to the memories that made our company what it is. Our Cut Map doesn’t just show a place, it captures a foundation, a journey, and an essence of what our company stands for. With our own map proudly on display, we can say with confidence that there is no better way to boast the place closest to your heart than with a framed, handcrafted Cut Map.

Grommets come from people with a passion for what they do, so thank you Dan for crafting the inventive and purposeful maps.

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