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This is my kind of gal

We had 100 Google Voice account invites to give away so we held a giveway contest.  Look what Hannah, one winner, wrote to us, after we notified her of her winning stake:

Hi Barbara,

That is awesome news but, unfortunately, I am going to have to disqualify myself! After I left my comment I read that you can only win every 6 months, and I did win a book from the Grommet on March 17, so it really isn't time yet. I'm sure someone else wouldn't mind taking my place and I just want to do what's right. I believe in living by the rules, so please give someone else a lovely surprise! I just love the Daily Grommet and if I were rich, I would probably buy one of everything! You have the best stuff I've ever seen! I am definitely going to look for you on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much for choosing me; at least I got to chat with *you*!

Kind regards,
Hannah :)

I probably live in a self-constructed bubble, but I find people like Hannah so refreshing and totally "normal."  My dad was the kind of guy who always returned excess change if a cashier in a shop gave him too much back.  Hannah did the virtual version of that.  She did the right thing, even when no one was looking.  And I also find the Hannahs of the world attract similar types...and I say bring 'em on!

An update from Hannah on August 2, 2009

"About the Google Voice thing, I really believe that things work out in the end the way they were meant to be. Lo and behold! Today I got my official invitation from them! Ta da! I was told it could be a longer wait but fate had it worked out this way to lift my spirits and make things right. Now I AM at the head of the line and a happy camper!"

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