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This lunch led to a pretty cool dinner plan.

About a month ago, Jules and I dropped by the Xconomy offices in Cambridge, MA, for their Friday "Innovators Lunch" - always a great place to meet interesting folks. On our way out, we bumped into Paul Jin, founder of Plummelo, a practical web service where you can collect and share recipes and plan your meals. Organization ... planning ... cooking? Count me in.  I asked Paul to tell us more the story behind his business, and he sent us this post.

Collect recipes, plan meals, get shopping lists, PlummeloWhat's for Dinner - by Paul Jin, founder/CEO of Plummelo

It's 5:00. Everyone is hungry. What’s for dinner?

That was the usual routine at our house.

I'm the founder of Plummelo, a website that provides a soup-to-nuts solution for busy cooks. Our site lets you collect recipes from the top recipe sites on the internet, store them all in one place (along with your recipe for mom’s meatloaf and other favorites), and even create a weekly meal plan. From there, you can automatically create a shopping list that you can print or email.

My wife and I both work, and we've got three active kids (one with food allergies, which made keeping track of recipes often tricky) -- that's five hungry bodies. So preparing for dinner, from thinking about what we would eat each week to making a shopping list, to getting to the grocery store, and chopping the vegetables, was never easy. The process (or lack thereof) was disorganized and disconnected.

When you love to eat and you want to cook a delicious, healthy meal for your family, but you’re short on time, you need a solution. Our family was in desperate need of a more efficient meal planning, preparation, shopping, and cooking process from start to finish.

That, in short, is how Plummelo was born.

And now, we're daily users of the site. In fact, my wife's favorite part of Plummelo is that she can hit “Email Shopping List” and it comes straight to my iPhone so I can pick up the groceries on my way home from the office. Plus, we can rate our recipes and tag them to make them easier to search. And if we ever run out of ideas for what to make, we can see what others are planning for dinner.

I set out to solve problems for the household meal planner and cook. At the end of the day, I think I've made it easier for families to enjoy great meals together.

Got a favorite recipe? We'd love to hear about it ... and you can save and share it on Plummelo.


  • Joanne Says:

    Definately going to check this out!! Sounds great..

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