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This San Francisco Shop Has Heart

Get to know Heartfelt, the latest Retailer in our Main Street series of shops who stock products from The Grommet Wholesale.
What's special about Heartfelt
1,000 ornaments and the Bunny Apocalypse—just two of the incredible displays that have charmed visitors at Heartfelt. It’s easy to see why this San Francisco shop has a loyal local following.Whimsically blending old and new, owner Darcy Lee calls it a “general store with a modern twist.” An apropos analogy, with Heartfelt housed in a rustic, exposed-beam building where a dry goods store once stood.You never know what you’ll find, and that’s half the fun. Everything here has a wink and sparkle—and a dose of lovely design. A local flower assortment blooms near the front door. Gift wrapping is free, and the staff is ever-helpful. Vintage-inspired signs compliment the eclectic array of wares, which suits every price range. “Good taste doesn’t need to be expensive” is Darcy’s mantra.Standing in the store she’s built for 17 years, Darcy recalls her dad’s spot-on advice. “Years and years ago, he told me that my endless energy for shopping would make me a good storekeeper. When Heartfelt came up for sale, his words rang true and I bought it.”

On behalf of all of Heartfelt’s fans: Thanks, Dad.

The Urban Muse's favorite Grommets:
Duke Cannon
Guys are hard to buy for, and this soap is everything I like in a gift item . . . funny, cool packaging, and practical.
My customers care about Fair Trade. This versatile, handmade washcloth is good for the body, the kitchen, and others. They feel terrific and—bonus— you can throw them in the wash.
A giant carabiner that acts like a hook. Need I say more? One can’t even count all the ways this is useful.
Our Heartfelt neighborhood is full of pet lovers. If you’re a parent to a four-legged friend,  you need this.
Lilly Brush
Keeping the parts to kids’ stuff can be a challenge (think Legos).  This ingenious bag makes traveling with small toy pieces a dream. Also works well as a make up bag!
How one pulls one’s hair back is sort of a big deal. I can see why models have latched onto this item. Finding the perfect hair tie is extremely satisfying.
Heartfelt's hours and location
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  • Bev Says:

    Nice information! Of the six items you show here, which I've seen in the store and passed over, I see I need three of them now they are shown in action or described clearly. Love this store. Cannot believe it has been here 17 years

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