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This video made us all cry

amber_rwandan-1It was a big day. Amber Chand was in the office. Long before we had even launched Daily Grommet, Joanne had told me she thought we should feature Amber's work at the Grommet.  Fast forward--Joanne made the connection and Amber was in!

On the big day, Ugandan refugee, and social entrepreneur, Amber Chand came to shoot her video. I was out for a bit, and when I returned, the video was in progress. Joanne was behind Jesse, the camera man extraordinaire, and she was totally rapt. She didn't even notice my entry in the room.

I don't normally watch videos being shot--it can make people nervous. But I stopped in my tracks, realizing I was suddenly party to something special. At the top of the video, Nataly shared her own refugee story, and then Amber's lilting and beautiful voice spun stories and images that made the lives of the women in war-torn and distressed areas of the world come to life, through their own enterprise.

The video shoot ended. We all spontaneously clapped. (We never do that.) I walked around the corner, in tears, and found Deb (who could only hear the video in progress, not even see it) with her own tears.

Wow. What a special woman, Amber Chand. It's was a long video for us (5 min), and I asked that nothing be edited. It was that good.

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