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Tips for The Host and Hostess

Entertaining in the new year? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your efforts. The key to hosting the perfect event is to find the balance of a super-star host or hostess and laid back entertainer. Seem like too much to figure out? Accomplishing the perfect hosting style is much simpler than you think. The one trick that will help you pull it all off is to delegate.

tips for the hostess

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If you are anything like most hostesses, you would feel guilty putting others “to work” during a party or event. The truth is, guests are often eager to help out and letting them will give you more time to mingle with your party guests–which is a vital part of being a good hostess. Below are three simple tasks that you can (and should) easily delegate during your next party.

1.    Checking coats and purses: Before the guests begin to arrive, ask your husband, kids, or an early arrival, to check coats and purses. Delegating this tedious task will allow you to either greet guests as they arrive or finish up any last minute things in the kitchen. Take this time to set out appetizers, mix drinks or light candles around the house.

2.    Tending bar: Refilling guests’ glasses all night can be never-ending. Rather than jumping up every time someone empties their glass, consider delegating the task. As the hostess, I suggest you serve their first drink of choice and then politely let them know where they can find the bar should they need a refill. If you don't have a bar area in your home or event space, simply gather all the ingredients needed to mix the drinks you served and put them in an area with room for guests to serve themselves. Don’t forget to leave out a stack of napkins and extra glasses.

3.    Clean up: No hostess wants to leave a disastrous kitchen after dinner. However, no guest wants to see the hostess disappear for an hour into the kitchen to clean up. Resist the urge to clean up everything and instead, do a quick clean. Ask a close friend or family member to give you a hand and simply rinse and stack the dinnerware for now. Then, quickly return to your party and enjoy your guests.

The next time you find yourself in the role of hostess, try these simple delegating tips. Not only will you enjoy your party more, but guests will have a much more relaxed and entertaining time as well. After all, the hostess often sets the tone of the party, so go ahead and have a good time.

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