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SXSW Survival Guide: 14 Things You're Going To Need

The Grommet team heads to SXSW next week and if you are too, you’re in luck. We’ll be a mobile resource for attendees supplying everything from water and swag bags to the unique (and helpful) items below. If you’re not attending SXSW don’t worry, this survival guide will be handy for any multi-day festival or excursion. Your Coachellas, Bonaroos, and trade shows, you get the idea, now here’s what you need to get to prepare.

Tips for SXSW - Juno JumperTips for SXSW - SunJack

How to Charge | Tips for SXSW



Tips for SXSW - Your Phone

Keeping Your Phone Powered, Clean, and Within Reach

You know you’re at SXSW when you look around at a brilliant outdoor festival and everyone’s on his or her phone. We won’t be judging. We'll be supplying battery life.

When JunoJumper isn’t jumpstarting a car, it’s charging a phone four times. We’ll harness the blinding Texas sun with SunJack to dish out power. If that isn’t scientific enough for you, BioLite provides off the grid heat and electricity, which is great for SXSW but even better for emerging countries with limited access to such resources.

To wipe off the sweat, dirt, dust, and anything else your screen attracts, iRollers will be available to keep your phone looking sleek. And in order to avoid everyone’s worst nightmare at an event like SXSW, TrackR Bravos will find any missing phones, keys, and/or wallets in minutes.

SXSW Survival Guide | iRoller

SXSW Survival Guide | Dude Wipes

SXSW Survival Guide | Bittersweet

SXSW Survival Guide









Providing Hygiene, Hydration, and Healing

SXSW and every other outdoor fests run you ragged. You're tired, sore, and parched two hours in and the rest is merely a crawl to the finish line. We’ll have water for the thirsty, Dude Wipes for the grimy, and Y Athletics for the weary of feet. Ladies, Bittersweet will put that hair tie cutting off your circulation onto an elegant bracelet.

Sunskis will protect your eyes from the aforementioned giant fireball in the sky. And Froller and Ice Cold Towel will bring your body temperature to a reasonable level while you stand under it all day.

Unbelievably, we aren’t stopping there. Another annoyance of these events is the bathroom situation. Only in a pinch is a porta john appealing so yes, we are aiming to solve that issue as well with your soon to be best friend, P-Mate.

SXSW Survival Guide

SXSW Survival GuideSXSW Survival Guide | Keep Cool

SXSW Survival Guide












Boosting Moods and ‘Tudes

These events take a physical toll, but there's an emotional toll they can take, too. You’re networking, walking, and willing your body to make it to the end. Give your steps some pep with Cognitea, which contains all the caffeine of coffee without the headaches and jitters. It also promotes focus and productivity, perfect for SXSW.

If ever you feel an iota of annoyance, a smidgen of negativity, or pinch of pessimism, and it’ll happen, we get it, we’ll give you an Emoji Mask. No explanation needed. If we run out, we’ll provide hugs.

SXSW Survival Guide | Energize

EmojiMasks | SXSW Survival Guide







Atending SXSW? Come find us and say hello. It could win you $1,000! If you're not at SXSW, we won't hold it against you and will extend this guide to help you survive whatever adventure you undertake.

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