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Philanthropies Helping Others Reach New Heights

Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we here at The Grommet take a break from launching products. Instead, we spotlight organizations we feel adhere to our idea of giving differently. If you have one last gift to give, let it be to those who aim to help others.


Venture for America – “Helps the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their potential, which will revitalize struggling cities.”

Startup Fellowship Program Igniting Entrepreneurship

Andrew Yang believes you learn by doing and surrounding yourself with those who have done is the best way to do that. That’s why he founded Venture for America, a non-profit that mentors recent college grads in cities with budding entrepreneurial base like Detroit and New Orleans and aims to bolster it with the idea that anyone can transform their ideas into a business-worthy reality.

The two-year fellowship allows grads to learn how to grow companies and become successful entrepreneurs through apprenticeships with experienced entrepreneurs who offer a wealth of knowledge. It instills in fellows the important belief, “If they can do it, maybe I can, too.”

Venture for America has given over 200 budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their potential in dozens of cities across America and their plan is to keep growing. We here at The Grommet especially understand this mission as we give independent Makers a chance to realize their potential every day.

Donate: http://ventureforamerica.org/support-vfa/donate/


The Wild Bird Fund “The only rehabilitation center in New York City providing needed care to over 355 species of wild birds.”

A Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Takes Flight

Every fall and spring, birds are in migration season. Over 355 species, from owls to raptors and egrets, find their way to New York City, which, until 2005, lacked a wildlife rehabilitation center. Seeking to provide medical care to native and passing birds injured or sick, Rita McMahon founded the Wild Bird Fund — from her cramped apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

With a steadfast mission and the support of dedicated nature lovers, the Wild Bird Fund has since established its home in a 1,300 square foot facility that has allowed them to care for more birds and even other wild animals.

Now the organization and its massive volunteer staff care for over 1,000 wild birds and animals in New York City each year. The goal is to remain a refuge for migrant wildlife animals in the concrete jungle so they may be safely released back into the wild.

Donate: http://wildbirdfund.org/index.php/support-us/donate

‘Tis the season to Give Differently. The missions of these organizations are exactly what we’re talking about.


Happy Holidays,

The Grommet Team

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