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Philanthropies Providing Digital Literacy for All

Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we here at The Grommet take a break from launching products. Instead, we spotlight organizations we feel adhere to our idea of giving differently. If you have one last gift to give, let it be to those who aim to help others.


Code.org - “Forming the next pillar of America’s education system.”

Kids Thrive with Coding and Computer Science

Throughout the United States there has been a visible decrease in the availability of computer science courses for young students. Meanwhile, computers increasingly integrate into our daily existence. The disconnect leaves the U.S. education system behind one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. Code.org aims to remedy that.

Hadi and Ali Partovi, who grew up in post-revolutionary Iran, founded Code.org in 2013. The twins were of the lucky few with access to a Commodore 64 in their youth. Upon moving to America as teenagers, they used their self-taught programming skills to pay their college tuition, found separate startups and eventually create Code.org.

A donation to Code.org provides in-person computer science training for teachers and helps build computer science curriculums for schools around the country. Code.org’s goal is improving education for 100 million students. You can give the next generation the necessary tools to thrive in our tech-driven society.

Donate: www.code.org/donate


Women’s Annex -“Bringing digital literacy to young women in developing countries.”

Empowering Women Through Technology

In the U.S., Internet access is readily available almost anywhere. Many developing countries, however, are removed from the increasingly connected world. Digital literacy is essentially nonexistent. In war-torn countries like Afghanistan, many women lack access to basic computers rendering them unable to develop, learn, and succeed.

Led by creator Roya Mahboob, founder of Afghan Citadel Software and a member of the 2013 Time Most Influential People in the World, Women’s Annex is dedicated to helping women in developing countries around the globe. The mission of the Women’s Annex Foundation is to empower young women with digital literacy so they may support themselves and their families.

Donations to the Women’s Annex Foundation help build Internet training and media centers where women can access resources that will allow them to develop their education. You can give them a chance to become economically independent and a part of the connected world.

Donate: http://www.womensannexfoundation.org/donation/


‘Tis the season to Give Differently. Perfect personifications of that idea have been described above.


Happy Holidays!

The Grommet Team

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