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Top 10 Grommets for Fun in the Sun

Our own Rita helped us craft this wonderful list of some of our favorite summer Grommets!

Summer is fleeting, so we’ve put together a goody bag of Grommets to help you make the most of each precious summer day.

KinesysRemember the old boy scout motto? Be Prepared. That means sun protection during the summer, and we offer two great products to keep your skin healthy. KINeSYS is the "greenest" sunscreen product around. Better yet, it sprays on and leaves no oily residue behind. Put KINeSYS in your bag and say goodbye to gloppy lotions and sticky, smelly creams! For the hiker, sailor, surfer or gardener, the RailRider's Bug/Sun Shirt is a dream come true. Made with comfortable fabric that wicks sweat and wet and features its own "air-conditioning" mesh inserts, this lightweight shirt will look good for years to come. Buy Kinesys safe, hypoallergenic sunscreen here.

Buy Rail Riders bug and mosquito repellent clothing here.

SnackTaxiWhether you are taking a "staycation" or a vacation, we think you'll find our SnackTaxi lunch bags a boon for the spur of the moment picnic. These sturdy lunch and snack bags (in three sizes) can be washed and re-used for the quick cream cheese n' jelly sandwich or clutch of carrot sticks in the car or at the beach. Buy snackTAXI reusable snack and sandwich bags here.

If you are traveling to a distant destination and weight and space are an issue, don't leave home without the Balanzza luggage scale and your Minimus travel products! When you’re packing for a long trip, you don’t want to run around town to numerous stores scouting your favorite trial-size products. Instead, try one spot shopping. From toiletries to condiments to gourmet treats, check out Minimus Trial Size ProductsMinimus.biz for all your travel-size products. No waste, no hassle.  The Balanzza is a portable, digital scale that lets you determine the weight of your travel items so you don't get socked with that extra baggage premium. It’s good for leaving -- and even better for coming back when you’ll be weighed down with all those great gifts and souvenirs you just had to buy. Buy the Balanzza compact digital luggage scale here.

Buy Minimus trial size products here.

Francie PantsIf your travel companions include a little girl, you probably know how little ones love to wear colorful, cool summer skirts but also want to climb trees and jungle gyms without worrying about an "I see London..." type incident. Francie Pants are the perfect shorts for your girls -- pretty enough to be worn alone or under a skirt, Francie Pants will let girls climb, swing and dance the summer days away. Buy Francie Pants cover up shorts for girls here.

FlameDiskWhat's a summer night's supper without a cook-out? Take away the smell, the mess, and the waiting for the coals to get hot with Flame Disk. Just light and within minutes you're ready for that barbeque. Whether you're in your backyard, on a camp-out or by the beach, be sure to pack a Flame Disk for a spur-of-the-moment cook-out. Buy Flame Disk instant grill here.

Pineapple SlicerAfter the burgers and dogs, you might want a light summer dessert. What's better than fresh fruit? With a pineapple, you can serve a crowd. We have just the Grommet to make serving one a snap: the VacuVin Pineapple Slicer. Just insert the pineapple slicer, turn like a corkscrew, and voila!, fresh slices for everyone. Buy Vacu Vin pineapple corer here.

And last, but certainly not least – everyone needs a good summer read and a blanket to spread out on. We recommend the best selling "The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan, a moving Zip n Gomemoir of friendships and life-altering events told in an anecdotal style that will have you crying and laughing -- maybe even on the same page! Plan to blitz-out with this page-turner on your Zip-n-Go blanket. This 5' x 6' cushy blanket comes with a built-in tote bag and pocket. It’s perfect for a summer concert on the lawn, an impromptu supper on the grass, or your favorite spot on the beach. Buy the Zip-n-go waterproof picnic blanket here.

We hope these Grommets help you enjoy many perfect sunny days. Happy summer!

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