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Top Five Tips for Winter Skin Woes

written by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt

winter dry skin solved by Siobhan and Alexandra

Siobhan and Alexandra

This has to be one of the most erratic winters on record, which means that everyone from New York to Florida and all the way over to California is battling weather-worn skin. If you're a regular on our blog, then you've probably heard this advice before but we can't stress this stuff enough. Here, we've culled some of our favorite tips to share with you.

1. Try skin-friendly oils. This was probably one of the most crucial discoveries we made when writing our book: healthy, skin-compatible oils straight from nature are a beauty godsend. We love argan oil for our faces, and coconut oil for our bodies. We use these oils to moisturize, to take off makeup—even to shave our legs! They absorb quickly and, contrary to what you may imagine, do not leave skin feeling greasy or cause breakouts.

2. Stop using so much soap. We're not huge fans of soap, and it's not because we don't like to smell good. It's just that lathering up head-to-toe every day is just so darn drying. We suggest you show a little restraint with your soap bar: Use it where you feel you need to, and then leave the rest of your body alone—especially during the winter. Some of our bravest readers recently took a no-soap challenge, and the results we're kind of shocking. Almost everyone reported softer, more hydrated skin, while almost nobody complained of odor problems. And for your face, stick with a nourishing cream cleanser that contains plant oils.

3. Don't over-exfoliate. Whether for you that means a sugar body scrub or a trip to the derm for a glycolic peel, we strongly suggest that during the winter months you go a little easier on your skin. Peels and scrubs—aside from often containing nasty chemicals—remove that protective skin barrier that, well, protects you. While exfoliation certainly has its place, especially for very congested skin, many people have made it a too-regular part of their regimen. Once a week is plenty.

4. Eat your fats. There's a reason why we crave more fat in the winter: because we need it. Of course, we're not talking about burgers and ice cream here. We're talking about olive oil, skin-healthy omega 3s, nuts and avocados—the kind of fat that feeds your skin. In fact, we dare you to up your fish or flaxseed oil intake, and not notice happier, more hydrated skin.

5. Get a humidifier. If dry winter air has you seriously suffering—and the above advice isn't cutting it—a humidifier may be the answer. Just keep it clean to avoid bacteria, and use it where it will have the most impact, like by your bed. That way you can spend your sleep hours (oh, and try to get more of those!) hydrating, so that you wake up to healthy, glowing skin.

Thanks to both Siobhan and Alexandra for sharing these helpful tips with us! Many of us here at Daily Grommet have already put these tips to a test. Check out our thoughts on using Argan Oil and a Humio Humidifier to help your skin.

Do you have a tip you'd like to share with us? Tell us what you do to fix winter skin woes below in a comment.


  • Wendy Says:

    Siobhan & Alexandra -- Thanks for the tips and the reminders. You have introduced us to so many of our "favorite skin care things." Most importantly I learned that I need to switch up my skin care routines throughout the year as the seasons change.
    I love seeing the photo of you both together -- you are a great team and it is so clear that you are BFFs.

  • anne lyon Says:

    Thanks for the advice- I hadn't thought of increasing omega 3's - what a good idea. Can we plug one of our favorite skincare lines? Garden Girl by Kristin Miller. We love "Oasis for Faces" cleanser this time of year. You can find mor tips for winterizing are at Local Betty here: http://bit.ly/hTDxnu

  • yvette pasco Says:

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    I just sent my video for the Perfect Pant to Wendy this evening, looking forward to having my pant featured on your website.
    Thank You Daily Grommet!
    Yvette Pasco

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