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Twig Terrarium: Take 2

It's kind of funny that today's Grommet is all about making a special little world, enclosed in glass ... in a way, Twig Terrarium founders, Michelle and Katie seem to be living in their own little enchanted world. And we got a peek into that world when they sent us their home-made video to help us tell their story.

Normally, we pick out just a few key bits and pieces from the video our founders send to us ... the parts that make the story come alive  (and trust me, our video producer, Jesse, is a master at picking out those gems). But sometimes, we just can't bear to leave some of those clips on the cutting room floor -- and today is one of those times.

So, enjoy this quick outtake of "two BFF's hanging out, making terrariums all day" (my favorite part: watch Katie's facial expressions in the background as Michelle tells her boggy-moss-gathering-shoe-stuck-in-the-mud story -- classic!)


  • Wendy Says:

    OK, if I ever run away, you can find me at Twig! Love this and enjoy seeing such a strong friendship. Katy and Michelle are fortunate to be able to work together, too.

  • Donna Rubin Says:

    I got my Twig Terarium from my wonderful friend Michelle, about a year ago. I love it. Its easy to maintain, no mess, and makes a great decoration. Everyone asks about it.
    Katy and Michelle - best of everything to you both, and thank you again for the beautiful terrarium.

  • lawrenceadams Says:

    status on my order and when will it be shipped?

  • Jeanne Says:

    @lawrenceadams - we'll follow up offline to get your info and let you know.

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