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Corporate Gifts They'll Actually Keep

Let’s face it, stamping your logo on pens, cups, and keychains is often futile. They end up buried in junk drawers or between couch pillows. The better way for your brand to stand out? Put your name on something people will actually keep–useful and unique business gifts.

Cue, The Grommet Custom.

At The Grommet, we find innovative products you probably haven’t heard of. They're goods that stand for creativity, innovation, and usefulness in everyday life. They’re the that’s-really-cool, can-I-try-it, how-did-I-not-think-of-that kind of products. The stuff you want to be associated with.

We’re biased, but Soo Mentor, Director of Diversity at MasterCard, isn’t.

“If you are tired of branded bags, cups and hand sanitizers, The Grommet is your solution to cool, innovative and useful products to deliver your message and wow your participants. Grommet products are invented and sold by creative individuals who think through the user experience. Alex Ferrero quickly found a solution to a challenge and just took care of it at no cost–the true definition of customer service.”

If you have a project that requires effective branded materials (think: paraphernalia at events and tradeshows, employee or client appreciation gifts), the process is simple. You tell us a little about you, and Alex will take it from there.

Oh yeah, meet Alex.

This holiday season, forgo the branded cheap plastic water bottle. Give a branded BPA-free stainless steel bottle that keeps liquids cool for 36 hours—or any other Grommet they’ll use in 2018 and beyond.


Browse a sampling of our unique business gifts, check out some examples of products with customization, or reach out to Alex, here.


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