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Creative & Unique Gifts For Kids

Want to break away from the over-commercialized presents for kids and get them something with a bigger "wow" factor? These Grommets are anything but everyday- creative gifts for kids:

Wild Creations Frog EcoAquarium, Pet Frogs, Frog Aquarium,Frog Wild Finding a pet that’s exciting for kids but low maintenance for parents is a tough challenge. But we’ve found a really fun solution. The EcoAquarium from Wild Creations is an all-in-one aquatic environment that will thrill kids (without stressing out the adults!).  ($3.99 to $30.00) Buy Wild Creations' pet frog eco-aquarium here.

Fashion Playtes - DIY Design Site for Tweens, Design Your Own Clothes for Tween Girls


It's Sew Easy Fashion Playtes is an interactive clothing design website that’s perfect for girls ages 6 to 12 who have a creative flair and love fashion. In a few simple steps, young designers pick garments, select sizes and choose colors. Then comes the really fun part: embellishing the tops, skirts, dresses or jackets they’ve selected. (Free and up!) Learn more about Fashion Playtes studio where tween girls can design their own clothese here.


Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Sled, Snow Speed SledKing Of The Hill The unique lever on the Zipfy Freestyle Sled makes it super maneuverable and stable. And, at just 3.7 pounds, it’s easy to throw this sled over your shoulder for a quick run back to the top of the hill. Your kid will be the coolest sledder on the slope! ($39.99) Buy Zipfy snow speed sled here.


Animation-ish, Easy Animation Software for KidsGet Creative, Be Happy. Here's one computer game you won't mind your kids spending time with: Animation-ish. The easy-to-use software lets kids make their own animated movies, greeting cards, websites, and presentations. Our 10-year-old tester was up and running in minutes – allowing mom some time for her own creative pursuits. ($59.95) Learn more about Fablevision "Animation-ish" easy animation software for kids here.


Shred Sled Try this New Caster Board, Extreme Skateboarding Fun Why Skate When You Can Shred? Imagine the combined sensation of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, and you’ll have a good idea of what the Shred Sled is all about. Reaching for the Dramamine? That’s okay, you’ll never get a chance to ride it anyway, since the daredevil kid in your life will probably love it more than you would anyway. ($119.00) Buy Shred Sled's caster board here.

Francie Pants Cover-Up Shorts for Girls, Cover Up Shorts for Girls

Better Than London And France More modest than just underwear, but way more sassy and fun than bike shorts (not to mention less restricting), Francie Pants are giving girls the freedom to both wear dresses and play hard without anyone chanting, “I see London, I see France…”($16.50) Buy Francie Pants cover up shorts for girls here.

 kids play fort

Portable Fort & Canopy  What kid doesn’t love making a fort with blankets and chairs? And what parent doesn’t cringe a little when the kids grab your best clean sheets to make their fortress? With the Fortamajig, kids can exercise their architectural creativity and keep your special linens out of the game. ($49.95) Buy Fortamajig play for here.

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