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Update from the Yurt Alert

We first told you about Kate Pokomy and her extremely ambitious efforts of crocheting a yurt (which, when complete will be 10 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter) last year. We have been recieving her updates and following along with her progress and now have finally had a chance to really catch up with Kate.  Here is what she is up to:

by Kate Pokomy

Hi All! It has been one Sheepie Summer! The summer started with lots of sheep shearing festivals, which I visited around New England. We went to one while it was still cold out in Lincoln, MA at Drumlin farm and a warmer one at the MA Wool and Sheep Festival where we saw the very same shearer! All this wool action  drove my desire to get down to work on the yurt now that the weather was warming up and I spent Memorial Day weekend up to my eyeballs, literally, in wool!

We had received delivery of the Dorset and the Icelandic wool we'll be using for the yurt and while the Icelandic was pre-skirted by the amazing team at MackHill Farm in NH we needed to skirt the 180 lbs of Dorset. It was NOT clean. I did it all over the course of three days with a little help from mom and dad. On the last day it started to rain on us! We skirted and bagged that wool so fast -- nothing worse that wet, slightly dirty wool, stinky!

With the wool all skirted we took a sample over to the mill (Fiber Dreams) where it will be cleaned. We're at the point now where we're figuring out the perfect blend so that when the two wools are combined it will be strong and more easily feltable. We don't want to end up with wool where each segment of cord is going to take two days to felt up! That's where we're at. Soon we'll have all the wool back, clean and feltable! Then we can get started on the segments and the building! More to come! Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

Thanks for the update Kate! Keep us posted on your progress.

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