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Valentines Day: Love it or hate it? Either way, here are 5 great apps for it!

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Oh, Valentine's Day. It's either a day you're anxiously awaiting or one you're dreading. You're either waiting for that special smooch from your loved one, or...planning a movie night with the girls and burning old love letters. Either way, you'll have a great story to tell and only 365 days until the next. If you're planning a special night with your sweetie, yet stuck for some romantic ideas, here are 5 new apps that may help.

Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Daily Grommet!


Red Stamp: Free to download, $1.99 for the first card.

Remember when you used to send personalized e-cards to friends and loved one's on Valentine's Day or birthdays? Well, begone the days of the desktop as there's an app for that! Red Stamp allows you to to email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram or paper mail personalized photo cards, invitations and announcements from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can send a paper postcard from 35 countries to anywhere in the world, starting at $1.99 for the first card. It's a cute, 21st century way to say I love You.


Heart Booth: Free from iTunes, full version available for 99 cents.

Want to get a little more creative with your message? Heart Booth is a photo collage app that lets you select a general shape from over 120 choices and then apply a mosaic of photos in the same shape. Just upload a few photos from your current photo album, or take some and add them in. Whether you want to send a virtual hug via pictures, or a make a collage of all your memories together, this app is sure to do the trick.


Helpful Romantic: 99 cents from iTunes.

We all know it can be hard to think up the next great date idea. And sometimes you have to top an epic idea from last year and you feel you'll never live up to the hype. Don't fret, the Helpful Romantic app is here to save your sanity. The app presents great romantic ideas that are uniquely generated for your significant other based on their personality.  Need a quick date idea or perfect gift for an upcoming anniversary?  Its large database of ideas have been crafted to enhance, excite and introduce a whole lot of fun into your relationship. You can even save special dates, traits and favorite things so you don't need to remember details.


Valentines Radio: FREE in iTunes.

Dinner is almost ready and the pillows are properly fluffed. The place looks great and you've painted the perfect Valentines date at home. Oh, wait - don't forget the perfect background music! Download the Valentines Day radio app and choose from over 40 stations of affectionate tunes. You can even stream the music with AirPlay to your Apple TV, Airport Express or car stereo.


Avocado App: FREE in iTunes.

Sometimes you want a private place on your phone to share things with your special sweetie. Who needs your private text messages available for others to accidentally view while looking things up on your phone? Avocado App allows you to share your life with your loved one in a private setting. You can do everything from sending cute photos and emoticons, to sharing grocery lists and calendars. Even send mobile hugs and kisses, just to say hello.  Who wouldn't love that?


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