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Wallet and Grommet

We never know when someone will get excited about grommets and share a photo with us.  On Friday, we were working with our new friends at Grandparents.com (more on our fab new partnership with these fine folks soon).  Jonathan, the Grandparents.com crack video expert, sent us this image with a simple email:

Just a note to let you know my wallet has a grommet:

Wallet and Grommet

We love it!  Do you have something with a grommet utilized in an unexpected way?  Send us a photo, and we'll post it here.

Addendum July 22

Another great product with unexpected Grommets!  Thanks to Dan Weinreb, a faithful Grommet Guy, who sent us the following photo and copy.

You said you were looking for unusual grommets.  Shortly after I read this post,  I was folding the laundry and came across these
pants, which belong to my friend who is staying with us.  Grommets!  She says that the pants came with a rope, but she lost it or something.
They do have ordinary belt loops as well as the grommets.

Pants with grommets


  • Daniel Weinreb Says:

    What a fortunate opportunity for a headline! I just read that the fire at Aardman Animations's studios isn't stopping them from moving ahead, and they have four new films in production. None of them feature Wallace and Grommit, who may have had their best days, and be better off quitting while they're still great. But we have a lot more to look forward to from Nick Park and his super-talented team!

  • Barbara Says:

    Dan, you're right! I've been waiting for quite a while to use that one. Thanks for noticing.

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