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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

Happy summer! As we all head into the weekend we have a short recap of all five Grommets from this week:

Gulf Charity Poster

The Heads of State - Gulf Charity Poster. The Heads of State is a design and illustration studio founded by Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers. The duo created a poster, titled Oil Drop, that benefits Oceana. The two-color serigraph (18”×24”) depicts an oversized drop of oil, dripping below the U.S. The graphics are minimalist, but the message is powerful. The first run of 200 posters is signed and numbered, and Jason and Dustin are donating half of the sale price of each Oil Drop poster to Oceana.($40.00) Buy the Heads of State gulf charity poster here.

Fish Aye Trading, Fish Rubbing Placemats and Prints, Fish Prints, Fish Art Prints, Fish Placemats, Fish Pictures, Bass Print, Bluefish Print, Snapper Print, Bluefin Tuna Print, Fish Rubbings


Fish Aye Trading. Most people would be turned off by the mess on the deck of a fishing boat, but John Doherty found it inspiring. After noticing the graphic imprint left behind by a bluefish he caught, John started experimenting with the ancient art of Gyotaku, or fish rubbing. He paints the body of a saltwater fish with water-based paints, then lays fabric over top and gently rubs it to make a print. (Starting at $30.00) Buy the Fish Aye Trading fish rubbing placemats and prints here.


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Fire Wire. Made of stainless steel cable, Fire Wire skewers can literally bend to your cooking needs. You can shape them to fit inside a container for marinating (try doing that with rigid metal skewers), or twist them so they fit on your grill. If you load them strategically, you can organize vegetables and meats over the appropriate heat zones on your grill.(Set of 4 Skewers for $18.95) Buy Firewire's flexible metal skewers here.

Alex and Ani, Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelets, Bangle Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bangles, Gold Bangle Bracelet, Silver Bangles, Silver Bangle Bracelet, Bangle Jewelry, Fashion Bangles, Wire Bangle

Arm Candy. Stacks of bracelets are a hot accessories this season, but not every bangle is a fabulous fit. We love the way Carolyn Rafaelian’s bangles fit us — literally and philosophically. (Starting at $68) Buy Alex and Ani's expandable wire bangle bracelets here.

Get Your Glow On. Solerra’s sunless tanners don’t have chemical stains or dyes in them, like most tanners do. Instead, Solerra uses caramel and walnut extracts to achieve a natural bronze color. Their formulas contain no parabens, have been allergy-tested, and won’t clog pores. To counteract the drying effect of DHA, Solerra uses special moisturizers that leave skin feeling silky smooth. (Starting at $24.95) Buy Solerra Self Tanning Lotions Here.


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