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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

Here is a quick recap of all five Grommets from this week:

Classic Hostess, Beehive 2 Gallon Glass Drink Dispenser, Glass Beverage Dispenser, Glass Drink Dispenser, Cold Beverage Dispenser, Cold Drink Dispenser, 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser, Drink Dispenser with Spigot, Beehive Beverage Dispenser

Classic Hostess. Looking for an alternative to plastic pitchers this summer? Take a sip from the Beehive drink dispenser, perfect for serving lemonade, sun tea or sangria. The classic beehive shape makes your beverage the centerpiece by showing off fresh fruit and herbs that are kept cool inside the generous but not massive glass jar.($39.95) Buy the Classic Hostess beehive 2 gallon drink dispenser here.

SwiMP3, Player by Finis | Best Waterproof MP3 Player, Waterproof MP3 Player, Waterproof Music, SwimP3, Finis SwimP3, SwimP3 Player

SwiMP3.1G. Workouts are just better with music. It’s easier to cycle through a spin class or run another mile when you’ve got music to motivate. But what about when you’re in the pool? Combining a swim workout with your favorite tunes was a challenge until SwiMP3 came along. Now it’s so easy to swim to the beat of an underwater concert that you might forget to come up for air. (Starting at $134.95) Buy the FINIS SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player here.

Fortamajig, Kids Play Fort, Play Fort, Kids Fort, Build a Fort, Toy Fort, Kids Play Fort

Fortamajig. What kid doesn’t love making a fort with blankets and chairs? And what parent doesn’t cringe a little when the kids grab your best clean sheets to make their fortress? With the Fortamajig, kids can exercise their architectural creativity and keep your special linens out of the game.($49.95) Buy the Fortamajig kids play fort here.

Supergoop, Moisturizing Body Lotion with Sunscreen, Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Sunscreen Moisturizer, Moisturizing Sunscreen, Body Lotion with Sunscreen, Moisturizer with SPF, SPF Moisturizer, Moisturizer with SPF 30, Supergoop, Natural Sunscreen, All Natural Sunscreen, Sunscreen Wipes

Supergoop. Supergoop does double-duty to protect your skin from head to toe, combining sunscreen with moisturizing lotion for your face and body. As a sunscreen, Supergoop provides SPF 30 wide-spectrum UV protection. It’s water, sweat, and sand resistant — and it’s blissfully free of fragrances and synthetic dyes. As a moisturizer, Supergoop is gentle enough to be used every day, and it’s oil-free so it doesn’t leave a residue. (Starting at $21) Buy Supergoop's moisturizing body lotion with sunscreen here.

V:King, Kubb Swedish Outdoor Lawn Game, Lawn Games, Outdoor Lawn Games, Outdoor Lawn Game, Kubb Lawn Game, Swedish Lawn Game

V:King. The V:King lawn game is inspired by a centuries-old Swedish game known as kubb or koob that outfits players with battle axes (wooden dowels) and challenges them to topple opponents’ shields (wooden blocks) and conquer the king. (Starting at $99) Buy V:King's Kubb Swedish outdoor lawn game here.

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