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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

From this week's Grommet line up it is obvious that our Discovery Team works tirelessly to  bring you a diverse array of the best  products. From a  geeky chic USB flash bracelet to a handwoven cotton robe -- they've pretty much have got it covered. Although we consider them to be Grommet discovery rock stars, they can always use a little help. So,  if YOU ever have an idea you think they should check out, just let them know!

USB Flash Bracelet

USB Flash Bracelet: Portable Flash Drive This geeky chic bracelet gives you easy access to digital files when you’re working away from you desks — at the library, in a computer lab or at a friend’s place. This portable flash drive makes the perfect back-to-school accessory ($14.95) Buy Memory on Hand here.

 OrangeWhip Trainer

Golf Swing Trainer. The Orange Whip is something like a golf club, except it has a flexible shaft and what looks like an orange at the end of it. This flexible shaft and a counter-weighting system are designed to help you find your natural and best swing motion, which is unique to each individual. There’s no ball to hit, so you can focus instead on the motion of swinging. (Starting at $99.00) Buy Orange Whip Trainer here.

 Shaped Sponges of Cellulose and Scrubex Designed for Specific Tasks

Chore Specific Sponges. This innovative take on the common household sponge got us all sudsed up. Casabella has designed different sponges for specific household chores -- which makes complete sense. These sponges are made from natural cellulose, which is tough when it needs to be and rinses like a dream. They offer specific use sponges for chores like cleaning your BBQ to cleaning your wine glasses. (Starting at $10.95) Buy the Casabella sponges here. 

 Handwoven Cotton Lightweight Robe

Ancient Textile Artistry. Kara Weaves, a creative venture in Kerala, India, is trying to bridge the gap between traditional Indian handloomed textiles and today’s contemporary lifestyle. Preserving a centuries old tradition, local tailors hand weave these lightweight, cotton robes. Weaved with pure cotton yarn (for which Indian fabrics originally gained fame) this fabric is softer, more durable and absorbent, and has a breezy, sumptuous feel you simply cannot get any other way. ($44.95) Buy Kara Weaves Handwoven Robes here.

Dry Erase White Board

Peel-and-stick dry erase board. When inspiration strikes, grab a pen. When the really big ideas start flowing, reach for WhiteyBoard. WhiteyBoard is a peel-and-stick dry erase board that adheres to any flat surface. It’s lightweight and transferable, so you can take it with you… when your brainstorming takes you elsewhere. It’s easy to customize, too. With scissors or a utility knife, you can cut WhiteyBoard to fit any shape, such as the back of a laptop, the wall above a dorm room desk, or a tabletop in a child’s playroom. (Starting at $10.00) Buy WhiteyBoard here.

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