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Weekly Grommet Wrap Up

Want to upgrade your lunchbox? How about a solution for your achy feet after a night on the town? Check out this week's Grommets, we think you'll like them!

Ecosystem, Blank Writing Journals made from Recycled Materials, Journals Notebooks, Blank Writing Journals, Journal Notebook, Lined Journals, Recycled Journals, Green Journal, Eco Journal, Unlined Journal

Ecosystem Life Journals These modern, colorful notebooks from ecosystem are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They come lined or blank, perfect for jotting down thoughts or sketching a quick picture. Pen or pencil, crayon or charcoal — the acid- and chlorine-free paper loves them all. Tiny perforations make it easy to remove a page when you want to, and the flexible covers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth so they keep looking new even after months of use. ($14.95) Buy Ecosystem's recycled blank writing journals here.

LZojirushi, Lunch Jar | Insulated Lunch Container, Lunch Containers, Food Jar, Insulated Lunch Container, Lunch Jar, Insulated Food Jar, Food Storage Jars, Zojirushi Lunch Jar

Love In A Lunchbox. The Lunch Jar is a stainless steel container into which three covered bowls fit, stacked on top of each other. The sturdy, insulated thermos keeps hot things hot (like soup, chili or pasta) and cold things cold (salad greens, carrots or cucumber slices). The set also comes with a forked spoon and a cool carrying tote. ($46.95) Buy the Zojirushi lunch jar here.

Earthling Crayon Set, Recycled Crayons, Star Crayon, Recycled Crayons, Crayon Recycling

Earthling Crazy Crayons. Our recycled crayon bundle includes a box of Eco Stars. With 20 stars in each box­, you’ll have 100 nice sharp points of color for your artistic masterpieces. Or use two points at once to create parallel lines. You also get a Can of Worms, which is (fittingly) nine earthworm-shaped crayons that are perfectly sized for little hands. As a special bonus, our bundle also includes one star-shaped crazy crayon with two colors swirled together. ($17.95) Buy Earthling recycled crayons here.

Falksalt, Gourmet Salt: Flake Salt - Natural, Unrefined Salt Harvested from the Sea, Gourmet Salt, Flavored Salt, Rosemary Salt, Salt Crystals, Natural Sea Salt, Buy Sea Salt, Sea Salt Crystals, Flake Salt

Falksalt Gourmet Salt. This pure sea salt is naturally unrefined and harvested by hand from the Mediterranean Sea. The evaporation process can take up to two years to achieve the proper texture and flavor – but this extraordinary seasoning is worth the wait. It’s salty, not bitter, and the purity of the sea salt flakes translates into a light sweetness that enhances the flavor of your favorite dishes. (Boxed set of four - $24.95) Buy Falksalt gourmet flake sea salt here.

AfterSoles, Rollable Women's Ballet Flats, Black Ballet Flats, Gold Ballet Flats, Silver Ballet Flats, Women's Black Ballet Flats, Women's Ballet Flats, Rollable Ballet Flats

AfterSoles Ballet Flats.  We’ve all been there, wincing in pain after a night of standing, walking and partying in strappy stilettos. Sure, you could take off your heels and dance barefooted for the last few songs. But if shoeless isn’t your style, we’ve found a chic solution for aching arches.  AfterSoles are slim ballet flats that roll up to the size of a cell phone. ($14.95) buy rollable women's ballet flats here.

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