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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

The Grommets this week are pretty spectacular. Hang your purse, make eight-minute cupcakes and more! Have fun with these Grommets.

Luxe Link, Purse Holder for Table, Purse Hanger, Purse Hangers, Purse Holder, Handbag Hanger, Handbag Hook, Handbag Caddy, Purse Hook Hanger, Table Purse Holder, Purse Holder for Table, Hanger Purse

Hang Onto Your Purse This table top purse holder is small and stylish, made from recycled zinc alloy and paired with colorful emblem designs including Asian-inspired florals and artful prints. You can either attach one to your purse strap or tuck it into its own little suede pouch when not in use. When you get to your destination, simply rest the decorative round top on the table, then hook your purse strap on the chain link that hangs off to the side. It will hold a bag up to five pounds, and your bag’s weight helps hold it in place. ($35) Buy Luxe Link purse holders here.

Select Brands, Babycakes Mini Cupcake Maker

3, 2, 1… cupcakes! If you like experimenting with cupcakery at home, we’ve found an appliance that makes it fast and easy. The Babycakes cupcake maker can bake eight mini cupcakes in eight minutes or less. It’s powered by 1400 watts that heat the nonstick baking plates, similar to a waffle maker. ($29.95) Buy the Babycakes mini cupcake maker here.

Wexel Art, Acrylic Wall Frames, Acrylic Display Frames, Acrylic Wall Panel

Quick-Change Picture Frames. Have you ever wished you could change up the artwork on your walls fast and easily? Wexel Art helps you do just that. Their acrylic wall frames use pairs of strong magnets to hold your artwork in place, so it’s easy to swap out photos, sketches, and memorabilia without raiding the toolbox. (Starting at $19.95) Buy Wexel Art's acrylic wall frames here.

Sweet Grass Farm, Fragrance Sticks | Scented Oil Diffuser, Reed Diffusers, Reed Diffuser Oil, Room Fragrance, Reed Diffuser Sticks, Fragrance Sticks, Reed Diffuser Set, Fragrance Diffuser, Scented Oil Diffuser, Scent Sticks, Scented Sticks

Create a Scent-sation. When guests walk into your home, you want them to be greeted with a welcoming, pleasing scent. Let Sweet Grass Farm’s fragrance sticks be your genie in a bottle. ($29.95) Buy Sweet Grass Farm's fragrance sticks here.

Before and Again Clothing Company, Burnout Shirts with Bold Designs, Burnout Tees

Before and Again These “burnout” long sleeve tee shirts are named for the extensive weathering process, which results in super-soft fabric and a slight transparency that gives depth to the material. They’re comfortably chic, perfect for pairing with jeans or dressing up for a night on the town. Whether you’re going for casual or dressy, the semi-sheer printed effect is anything but ordinary.($84.00) buy Buy Before and Again's burnout shirts here..

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