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Weekly Grommet Wrap Up

As I mentioned last week, we pull together seasonally appropriate gift guides but we thought that a weekly round up of the Grommets is a great way to track the many wonderful finds we surface every day.

Last week's was a lot of fun, so here's the second Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up:

Kovenex Fire, Fire Safety Blanket, fire blanket, fire blankets, fire retardant blanket, fire proof blanket, fire blanket use, fire resistant blanketsYour Own Personal Firefighter. Ideal for small, contained fires, a Kovenex blanket can safely extinguish flames, damper smoke and prevent burns. The patented fabric doesn’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to flames, and while the color may change, it will not burn. It’s soft and lightweight, yet tough enough to smother an angry fire. (Starting at $36) Buy a Kovenex blanket here.

Baudelaire, Exfoliating Brush and Soap Set, exfoliating soap, seaweed soap, exfoliating bar soap, loofa soap, bath brushes, bath brush, bathing brush, body bath brush, wooden bath brush, exfoliating brushToolbox For Your Bath. scour the globe to find artisans who are passionate about creating high quality bath products. We’re featuring their exfoliating bath set, which includes the company’s signature sea loofa soap. It’s a vegetable-based soap that combines nourishing shea butter and exfoliating seaweed. The set also includes two Japanese-style cedar brushes. ($29.95) Buy Baudelaire's exfoliating brush and soap set here.

Catamount Glassware, Popcorn Microwave Popper, glass popcorn popper, popcorn popper for microwaveHealthy, Easy Popcorn. Catamount’s microwave popcorn popper is made of borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures without shattering, works with any type of popcorn kernels, and doesn’t require oil. Real butter is optional, and melts in the included silicone tray as the kernels are popped. The larger container comes with a handle, and the smaller size is ideal for space-saver microwaves. (Starting at $14.95) Buy the UT Wire Qnot and Cable Station here.

GoNails, Natural Nail Growth Product with Cuticle Treatment, Nail Growth Treatment, nail growth, brittle nails, healthy nails, strong nails, dry brittle nails, natural nail growth, for strong nails, nail growth products, cuticle treatment, dry cuticle, cuticle creamNail it. GoNails is the perfect remedy for brittle, cracking, peeling and otherwise unsightly nails and cuticles. And this isn’t just for ladies. Men, too, will appreciate how easy it is to get healthy nails with just a few seconds of effort each day. ($24.95) Buy GoNails! Nail growth product with cuticle treatment here.

NatureMill, Automatic Kitchen Composters, home composters, kitchen composters, indoor compost, automatic composter, kitchen compost container, home composter, indoor composter, bin compostScraps in, soil out. You’re concerned about the environment and you try to live as green as possible, but maybe you’ve shied away from composting? You might not have thought it was possible to compost without going to a lot of trouble. But guess what? With the NatureMill automatic compost bin, if you have electricity you can compost — quickly and easily. ($295) Buy NatureMill's automatic kitchen composters here.


  • joyce maynard Says:

    New to the daily grommet but i truly like this site, and especially the salad bowl set, all the items were great.

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