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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

All five Grommets this week were winners of the 2010 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) IDEA Design Awards. This is one of the best known design competitions and attracted nearly 2,000 entries from around the world this year. We were thrilled to feature these products and we admire their innovative designs ... hope that you do too!

Manual Trash Compactor

Smash Can This manual trash compactor  looks pretty much like an ordinary stainless-steel trash can, but the lid contains a clever surprise. A built-in cylindrical compactor descends into the can when you push on the lid, forcing down the garbage. You can compact twice as much trash into a single bag, without ever touching the mess or requiring electrical power.($149) Buy Smash Can Manual Trash Compacor here.

Organic Cotton Underwear

PACT Can your underwear make a difference? These organic cotton underwear for men sure do. For each pair bought, PACT donates 10% of the price to one of its nonprofit partners, which are dedicated to global causes including forest protection, marine life restoration, urban renewal, literacy, and artists with developmental disabilities.($25.00) Buy PACT Organic Cotton Underwear here.

Keychain USB Flash DriveLaCcie iamaKey This Keychain USB Flash Drive is  portable and  elegant device to store your data. This technology company is known for taking simple, utilitarian gadgets and giving them a design makeover. Its iamaKey data drive delivers the perfect combination of form, function and a dose of whimsy. Keep your data on your keyring and rest assured it won't get lost or damaged.  (Starting at $22.95) Buy LaCie Key Keychain USB Flash Drive here.


JimmyJane. We understand not all of our readers are interested in adult intimate accessories. For those who are, Jimmyjane is worth a look. Jimmyjane is no ordinary company, they are changing how the world thinks about intimate accessories. Jimmyjane is tackling once-taboo subjects with style and discretion, and the company is also winning awards for its designs. Buy Jimmyjane products here.

Internet Only Computer

Litl webbook ($399.99) This internet only computer removes the clutter. No files, folders, caps lock key, function keys, managers or office tools. This is the first web appliance computer for the home, aimed at removing barriets between you and content, and simplifying and improving the web experience. Buy Litl Internet Computer here.

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