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Weekly Grommet Wrap Up

Angella Dykstra

The Grommets this week are perfect for the fall weather: pashminas, knit hats, induction burners and more!

Naturally Knotty, Bamboo Cashmere Pashmina Shawl, Eco Cashmere, Bamboo Cashmere, Pashmina Shawl, Pashmina Wrap, Bamboo Scarf, Bamboo Wrap, Bamboo Shawl

Naturally Knotty It's hard to beat the versatility of a pashmina when it comes to mixing up or topping off your outfit, but quality and pricing vary widely. In an ideal world, your perfect wrap would be beautiful, affordable, soft, durable and, of course, eco-conscious. Sound like an impossible list? Not for Naturally Knotty. (Starting at $29.95) Buy Naturally Knotty pashminas here.

Pistil Fashionable Fall Caps for Women and Men, Womens Cap, Wool Cap, Winter Wool Cap, Brimmed Hats, Billed Cap, Men Cap

Pistil Knit Accessories Pistil is known for hats that are soft and stylish, functional and original. Far from itchy knits, they frame your face, shed the elements and keep you feeling warm and looking great. They’re a perfect fit for everyday life, when you’re running errands, on a hike or heading out for a date. Like your favorite jeans… for your head.(Starting at $20) Buy your Pistil Knit Accessories here.

TRU Portable Induction Cooktop Burner, Induction Cooktop, Induction Cooker, Portable Induction Cooktop, Induction Burner, Magnetic Induction Cooktop, Portable Induction Burner,

Tru Eco Induction Burner How would you like a kitchen helper that’s fast, powerful and economical? Why not invite the Tru Eco induction cooker right in. This compact cooktop from Select Brands works by inducing, or transferring, heat through magnetic fields (you'll need an induction-compatible metal pan or pot to sustain the magnetic field). It can go from 125 degrees to 425 degrees in an instant, and it cools down just as quickly. Plus it’s incredibly energy-efficient compared to traditional gas burners and electric ranges, which can experience heat energy loss approaching 50%. This little powerhouse packs a serious punch. (Starting at $79.95) TRU Eco Portable Induction Burner here.

Laser Pegs Sets | Lighted Building Toys, Laser Pegs, Lighted Construction Set, Building Set, Construction Set, Toy Construction Set, Kids Construction Set, Toy Building Set, Building Blocks, Building Toys, Building Sets

Laser Pegs Sets Laser Pegs is the world's first lighted construction set, and the building pieces light up and flash when you connect them. You can build toy models -- with fun names like Wicked King Cobra, Robo Mutt and Baja Jumper -- or create your own free-form designs. The multicolored lights add a new dimension to your bug-eyed monsters, and your four-wheeled vehicles will glow like supernatural transporters. (Starting at $39.95) Buy your Lego Pegs set here.

Sporting Sail, Body Sail, Wearable SailSporting-Sails Sporting-Sails are a descendant of Ski-Klippers wearable sails, which were originally invented in the 1970s by avid skier H.W. Smith Jr. The sails wrapped around a skier’s wrists and ankles, allowing the skier to harness the wind while carving down mountains, creating enhanced control, stability and a little freestyle elegance. ( $79.00) Buy Sporting Sails Body Sails here.

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