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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

It's Friday (And the crowd rejoices!). That means that it's time for the Weekly Grommet Wrap Up. Here is a short recap of all five Grommets from this week:

Water balloon wizard. Destined to be loved by kids everywhere, the Pumponator comes packed with 500 balloons and strings for tying. The pump apparatus on top (which still shows shades of grandma’s garden sprayer) can easily fill balloons with air or water. Just pump the handle to build up some pressure, then pull the trigger. It’s perfect for a quick summer cool-off, and it’s portable so you can take it along on your next beach outing or neighborhood party. ($64.95) Buy the Pumponator here.

Cocktail Salts


Unleash Your Inner Bartender. Lime Tree Cove’s handheld Barmaid device glides around the rim of a cocktail glass and dispenses any spice you like. There’s a button that lets you control how much goes on the rim, so you can make salted margaritas and sugared mojitos just the way your guests like them. (Starting at $29.95) Buy Lime Tree Cove products here.

Safe and Sound Cycling. Many cyclists would love to listen to music, but it’s not safe to use headphones while riding outdoors (it’s even illegal in some states). CycleSound is a portable speaker system that fits right under the seat of your bike, so you can safely listen to tunes while spinning your wheels. ($159.95) Buy Cycle Sound portable speakers here.

Tanknanny, Propane Tank Holder to Transport Propane Tank Safely, Propane Tank Holder, Propane Tank Holders, Transport Propane Tank, Propane Tank Safety, Propane Tank Stand, Refill Propane Tank

Safe Passage For Propane. The trip from the store to your house with a freshly filled tank of propane can be unnerving. You imagine all kinds possible emergencies; you just want to get home with that tank. In 2008, federal fire codes started requiring that 20-pound propane tanks transported in passenger vehicles be placed in an upright and secure position. Tanknanny, and it’s essentially a car seat for your propane tank. Tanknanny can be secured in place with a seat belt or just placed in back. ($17.95 plus shipping) Buy the Tanknanny propane tank holder here.

A One-Eyed Wonder. London designer Crispin Jones was inspired by ancient sundials when he created the Cyclops watch. It dispenses with conventional hour, minute and second hands and goes for a looser method of timekeeping. A single marker advances around the dial, and each hour is represented by a different circle. ($175) Buy Mr. Jones Watches here.

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