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Weekly Grommet Wrap Up

Is it really Friday already? Bring on the weekend! But first, here is a short recap of all five Grommets from this week:

Jishaku, Magnetic Stone Strategy Game, Magnetic Rock Game, Magnetic Stone Game, Portable Game, Strategy Board Game, Magnet Game, Magnetic Game
Gaming Gets Magnetic. Inventor Steve Velte was inspired to create Jishaku after he and his daughters noticed that their magnetic hematite stones reacted differently depending on where and how they were placed, and how close they were to each other. When several magnets “flew” together, the Jishaku concept began to take shape. A big part of the fun is the unpredictability of the game. (Starting at $19.95) Buy the Jishaku magnetic stone strategy game here..

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Waterproof Protection. Phones don’t swim. Neither does your MP3 player or your camera. In fact, they don’t even like the rain. Accidents happen, your smartphone slips out of your hand, bounces off the dock and into the ocean. With a waterproof case from Aquapac, if your favorite electronic device goes in the drink, you won’t lose it. (Starting at $28) Buy Aquapac waterproof bags for cameras, phones, iPods and more here.

Delightfully Different Dinnerware. Be prepared for a tactile surprise the first time you pick up one of these plates or cups. They look just like the ubiquitous paper plates and plastic cups that appear at picnics and barbecues everywhere, but they’re not disposable. They’re made of durable melamine, so they’ll hold up to gobs of barbecue sauce and potato salad much better than the flimsy dinnerware they pay homage to. (16 piece set $39.95) Buy What Is It? Melamine plates and cups here.

MetroKane, Electric Corkscrew and Wine Aerator Pourer, Rabbit Corkscrew, Metrokane Corkscrew, Automatic Corkscrew, Electric Corkscrew, Wine Aerator, Wine Aerating Pourer

Accessories for the Oenophile. What do you get when you give an already speedy bunny an electric boost? Super cork-pulling powers. Metrokane, maker of the revolutionary Rabbit corkscrew, has some new gadgets in its warren, including an automatic corkscrew and a sleek bottle-top wine aerator. (Starting at $22.95) Buy the MetroKane electric corkscrew and wine aerator pourer here.

Lucky Earth, Waterless Car Wash, Car Wash Kit, Car Wash Products, Car CleanerLucky Earth. A waterless car wash? It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s for real. Lucky Earth created an eco-friendly way to clean your ride without pouring gallons of soapy water down the drain. It’s easy, effective and thoroughly nontoxic. ($35.95) Buy Lucky Earth's waterless car wash kit here.

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