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Weekly Grommet Wrap Up

What would a week be without a round-up of what's going on over on the Daily Grommet site? Here is a short recap of all five Grommets from this week:

Nature Bag, Reusable, Sustainable, Expandable Bag, Reusable Shopping Bags, Reusable Grocery Bags, Eco-Friendly Bag, Sustainable Bag, Nature Bag, Expandable Bag, Expandable Tote Bag, Earth Bag

Handmade and Humanitarian. Nature Bags are woven from fibers of the kudzu vine. The bags stretch and expand to hold a lot more cargo (groceries, books, beach toys) than you might expect. The fabric seems to cradle the contents, which keeps items from shifting and reduces the chance of bruising fragile fruits and vegetables. ($20-$25) Buy Nature Bag's reusable, sustainable, expandable bags here.

Mouth Man, Animated Shark Shirt by Ross Valory, Shark Shirt, Shark T Shirt, Mouth Man Shirts, Journey Shirt, Ross Valory


Unleash Your Inner Shark. Mouth Man hoodies reveal animal faces when kids (and grownups) strike just the right pose. The creator is Ross Valory, founding member and bass player for the band Journey. ($24.95) Buy Mouth Man animated shark shirts here.


Blastoff. What better way to learn about the laws of motion than to launch a bottle rocket? The Aquapod bottle rocket launcher takes fun to new heights. All you need is a bicycle pump, water and a two-liter soda bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with water, secure it over the Aquapod launch tube, and pressurize the container using your bike pump. (Aquapod has a built-in safety valve that releases pressure at 60psi so you can’t over-pressurize the system.) Then stand back, give a tug on the release string, and watch the bottle head for the skies, up to 100 feet in the air.($24.95) Buy the Aquapod 2 Liter Bottle Rocket Launcher here.

Accessories for the Oenophile. After a soggy spring, those pesky mosquitoes are back with a vengeance. My husband is one of the lucky people who never get bitten, but I’ve always been the opposite. I can be covered in itchy bites in no time whatsoever if I don’t dress myself from head to toe. But who wants to cover up on a hot summer night? With ThermaCELL, you don’t have to. (Starting at $10.95) Buy ThermaCELL mosquito control products here.

Hourglass, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Cold Brew Coffee, Cold Brewed Coffee, Cold Drip Coffee, Low Acid CoffeeThe Hourglass Effect.

Brew coffee without heat or electricity for a smoother, less acidic cup. Great for iced coffee. Easy to use; just brew, flip and enjoy. Also makes cold brew tea. ($49.95) Buy the Hourglass cold brew coffee maker here.

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