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Weekly Grommet Wrap-Up

Happy Independence Day! Before you start your long weekend we have a short recap of all five Grommets from this week:

 Table Top Lazy Susan Server Made From Wine Barrel Lid, Lazy Susan, Lazy Susan Turntable, Kitchen Turntables, 22 inch Lazy Susan, Table Top Lazy Susan, Wooden Turntable, Lazy Susan Server

The Oak Barrel Company. There’s nothing faux about this gorgeous lazy server. It’s made from reclaimed wine barrels, so even the grape stains are authentic. The wood top spins on a ball-bearing base, so everyone around your table can reach their favorite appetizers. It’s beautiful, functional and a great conversation piece when you’re getting together with family and friends. ($95) Buy The Oak Barrel Company's table top lazy Susan server made from wine barrel lid here.

Kyocera, Ceramic Blade Tomato Knife, Tomato Knife, How to Cut a Tomato, Sliced Tomatoes


Kyocera - Ceramic Blade Tomato Knife. Kyocera’s micro serrated utility knife is perfect for tomatoes. It’s lightweight with a razor-sharp ceramic blade (made from zirconium oxide) that lets you make clean, precise cuts. It won’t rust, and it’s impervious to acids, oils and salts so it doesn’t alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Besides tomatoes, Kyocera’s serrated knife is great for slicing any foods with a waxy skin and soft center. For a clean, uniform cut every time, nothing beats it. ($44.95) Buy the Kyocera ceramic blade tomato knife here.


ChicoBag, Produce Stand, Reusable Grocery and Produce Bags, Reusable Shopping Bags, Reusable Grocery Bags, Eco-Friendly Bag, Sustainable Bag, Nature Bag, Expandable Bag, Expandable Tote Bag, Earth Bag, Produce Bag

ChicoBag - Reusable Produce Bags. The Produce Stand Starter Collection incorporates the easy portability and recycled materials for which ChicoBags are known, and takes the guesswork out of keeping your produce purchases fresh.(Starting at $11.95) Buy ChicoBag's reusable grocery and produce bags here.

Education Outdoors, Nature Trivia Games and Nature Activities for Kids and Adults, Nature Games, Games about Outdoors, Animal Games, Animal Board Games, Animal Trivia, Nature Trivia, Nature Kids, Nature Fun, Nature Activities for Kids

Camp Board Game. The Camp board game challenges players to navigate through the Buy Nature Trivia Games and Nature Activities for Kids and Adults here. forest and back to the campfire by answering questions about wildlife trivia along the way. The questions are organized in four levels to accommodate different skills, and a Camp decoder reveals the correct answer to each question. ($19.95) Buy Education Outdoors' nature trivia games and activities here.

The Heads of State - Gulf Charity Poster.

Gulf Charity Poster

The Heads of State is a design and illustration studio founded by Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers. The duo created a poster, titled Oil Drop, that benefits Oceana. The two-color serigraph (18”×24”) depicts an oversized drop of oil, dripping below the U.S. The graphics are minimalist, but the message is powerful. The first run of 200 posters is signed and numbered, and Jason and Dustin are donating half of the sale price of each Oil Drop poster to Oceana.($40.00) Buy the Heads of State gulf charity poster here.

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