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Welcome to the Daily Grommet Blog!

WelcomeOne of the things we love about what we do here at Daily Grommet is the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful folks -- our customers, visitors, Grommet creators, partners, bloggers, friends. If you stop by the Grommet offices on any given day you'll catch one of us reading voraciously through the comments on Today's Grommet or even reciting one out loud to the team.

And that's where the main inspiration to start a Daily Grommet Blog came from. We wanted to have a space where we can have an ongoing conversation with our community, share some insights, perspectives, and insider secrets -- because of course we have to have some -- about what goes on behind the scenes at Daily Grommet, highlight our community members, guest bloggers, and online friends, and hear your ideas, inspirations, and suggestions for what we can do better, more, and OK, in some cases, faster.

So welcome and we look forward to growing this space along with the rest of Daily Grommet.

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