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We've got some Makers of our Own in the House!

If you're an enthusiastic follower of The Grommet, you'll know that we live and breathe for the makers in the world. They are our lifeblood. Without them and without the beauty of the craft and ability to "make" we wouldn't be who we are today. We spend so much time working with our partners who are some of the best makers out there, that our team often forgets to look at and appreciate all the wonderful makers we have in our very own office. Today we decided to do just that. Our team is growing by the day and wer'e filled with smart, creative and wonderfully talented makers of our own. Check them out below and give them a shout out. They deserve it.

Ericka Basile, our Sr. Director of Partner Programs made this beautiful piece of acrylic on canvas. It's a dog named Spark!

 Ericka's dog



Aimee Anderson, our VP of Business Development loves to decorate. She got creative one day and made this beautiful nature piece for her daughter's bedroom. Yes, those are real sticks. Watch out, Anthropologie.

Aimee's creation


Jules Pieri, our CEO, was inspired by a Pinterest Pin she saw and replicated this lovely theme in her own garden.



Alyssa Morley, one of our wonderful video editors is also an artist! She made 2 beautiful wooden pieces below. A window seat and a "wood transfer" which is taking a painting and transferring it onto a piece of wood. So beautiful!






Jesse Buckley, our trusty Video Director created this wind chime using the pieces of a broken one and a drink strainer. He says it's a work in progress. We think it looks pretty great as is!


We're so inspired by our own makers here at The Grommet. What do you make?

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