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What does 'Take your dog to work' day and the World Cup have in common?

In case you missed it, this past Friday (June 25th) was the 2010 'Take your dog to work day', that and the USA being in the World Cup is what brings this post to life.

Now your probably wondering what those two things have in common; well, I'm going to tell you. However, first things first (though not necessarily in that order). Allow me to officially introduce myself. You've seen me in several photos that have recently appeared here on the blog but I haven't said hi yet.

I'm Anthony. Yes, the same Anthony who had to endure the 'hazing' ritual of sampling Sam Adams beer in the 'Buddy Beta'.  A torture I will gladly suffer again for the good of the company.  I'm also the same Anthony that wanted to run away 20 minutes after being in the office on filming day for an interview. I'm the Senior Engineer here, which basically means I'm the house nerd.  It means when someone breaks something 'computery' (not my word) my name gets yelled. It also means that if the site blows up it's probably my fault.

I'm also the only male currently on the payroll. It makes for interesting days, but more on that later.

Back to Take your dog to work day and the World Cup.  Yes I'm aware USA was eliminated Saturday, but that doesn't change the content of this post.  Most people here at DG either have, want or have had a dog. And because at the moment we are still a little 'too' cramped to actually bring a dog in, I shared a video with some of the staff here on Friday and they suggested that I post it here.

A little background (I told you this wasn't coming in any kind of order), I have 4 dogs.  Each has their own unique personality, like any dog, but these 4 are a little more eccentric then any other I've had in my life.

For example; Sammy hates men with the exception of me.  Watson is a neurotic mess and barks at every noise in the world.  If a leaf moves outside he barks.  Zena is completely ADD.  I can call her to come in, she'll come charging to the door, see something interesting, stop to sniff and totally forgetting she was coming inside will start to wander off again.

Then there is Harley.  Harley likes soccer (See, told you it had to do with the World Cup).  Watch the video below to see a sample.

At first glance it seems like he's playing fetch, but it's more than that.  He doesn't bring the ball back to me, he stops a few feet away and literally rolls it to me.  If I kick it back to him he keeps rolling it back.  However if I try to kick it away from him, say across the room, he takes the ball and walks away. Punishing me!

Eventually he does bring it back and plays again.  He does make a darn decent keep however.

He also likes watching soccer.  If I'm watching a match on TV he'll come sit in my lap and face the television.  If I change the channel he'll turn around and look at me and bark until I put it back.  I'm not kidding.

When the match is over he leaves.

I have no idea where he learned this as I'm not a big soccer fan so I rarely watch it.

Now you know what 'Take your dog to work day' and the World Cup have in common.  A small, 7lb Silky Terrier that likes to play soccer.

Oh, and the other dog in the video is Sam.  He likes to play referee, and has also the right color scheme to do it.  At least he has a black stripe anyway.


  • Bonnie- Becky's friend from SU who now has 2 dogs Says:

    I enjoyed the video and your commentary on it! You are a nice husband to allow so many pets in your house!

  • joanne Says:

    enjoyed this!

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