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What's New: Easier Shopping

Great news! We're rolling out a new look and several new features on our site that we're excited to tell you about. Each day this week we'll share "what's new" here on the blog. We hope you poke around and explore out the new site for yourself next week! There are a lot of changes (we even have a new name we're The Grommet).

The Grommet

NEW Easier shopping! This means we're rolling out bigger pictures, displaying prices right on the picture and the product details can now be easily found. All you you want to see and learn about each Grommet launch is now at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for our launch next week (we can't wait to hear what you think)! And stay tuned for the next sneak peek coming tomorrow.



  • Patte Says:

    I hope you get new music......I hate the music you have now. It's just irritating. Sorry :o{

  • Andrea Says:

    And how about a few sale items? Everyone loves a great bargain once in a while....

  • Tori Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Patte. We're always trying new things and will keep this in mind. Sorry to hear you aren't loving our current music but hopefully you're still loving our Grommet launches!

  • Tori Says:

    We hear you Andrea. Although we don't discount our Partner's products, we do roll out other promos like free shipping. We'll keep this in mind moving forward and look for ways to pass along savings to you. Keep your eye on your daily emails!

  • Liz Says:

    Who knew there was music? I always have my laptop on mute so I can sneak a look at your loot during my lunch break :)

  • Maggie Says:

    Your music (?) or sounds are distinctive. That's good. I don't know why but I find them irritating too. Not good.

  • Elenor Clark Says:

    Hmmm - funny, -isn't it - I like the music - I even sort of hum along - ;-)))

  • Jules Pieri, CEO Daily Grommet Says:

    @ Maggie and @Patte We will indeed be rolling out new music and sounds in our videos, to go with the updated vibe of our site. I hope they do not irritate you!

    @Elnor....And I hope you hum along to the new stuff too. Although it is less musical and more the sounds of things being made, in the beginning.

    All will be revealed this weekend!

  • Jessica Says:

    It's amusing that you mention that, because I liked the old music but also am not a big fan of the newer music. I just shrug and kind of skip over it for now. I figured that it changed once, so it's likely to change again in the future. (I hope I like whatever they eventually come up with, but I know there's no guarantee, especially as we each have our own tastes.)

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