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What's New: Responsive Design

Great news! We’re rolling out a new look and several new features on our site that we’re excited to tell you about. Each day this week we’re giving you a peek at ”what’s new," right here on the blog. We hope you poke around and explore out the new site for yourself next week! There are a lot of changes (we even have a new name we’re The Grommet).


NEW Responsive Design! Now it will be even easier to get your Grommet on-the-go. The cool technology of our new responsive design will allow our whole site to reformat itself depending on the width of the browser you are using. Desktop, iPad, smart phone? You're Grommet experience will be great regardless.

Stay tuned for our launch next week (we can’t wait to hear what you think)! And stay tuned for the next sneak peek coming tomorrow.

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