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What Mother's Day means to me

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and today's Grommet, Animoto,  makes a "wow" kind of last-minute gift for Mom, Nana,  or Grammy!  We invited our dear friend Angella to share what Mother's Day means to her.  Let us know what it means to you, too.

What Mother's Day means to me

By Angella Dykstra of Dutch Blitz

Mother's Day GiftFor as long as I can remember, I always knew that I wanted to be a Mom. I had a doll that I held in the crook of my arm who appears in nearly every photo of me between the ages of two and five. I am the eldest child of two girls, and would often (s)mother my baby sister more that she could handle.

The reasons I chose my career as an accountant are twofold. 1. I find that it comes naturally to me, as well as challenging my intellect. I need this. 2. I knew working in this field would give me the flexibility to stay home more often when my (future) children were small.

I come from a circle of friends that were married/engaged in their early twenties. In hindsight I find it quite humorous, but at the age of twenty-four I was convinced that I would spend the rest of my days single and alone. Possibly surrounded by a dozen or so cats.

Within the year I met and married the man I get to (I get to!) call my husband. Fast forward nine years and we have three of the most phenomenal children that this world has ever seen. You really have no idea.

There are many times in a day where I will sit back and look at these creatures. They are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones. And yet, they are also these fantastically unique human beings who amaze me daily with their very being.

Because of them, my life is fuller in every sense of the word. I smile wider, I laugh harder, I love greater than I ever thought possible.

This is all because I get to (I get to!) be referred to as "Mom."


  • Barbara Says:

    Wow, Angella - you nailed it. Isn't it nice that Mother's Day rolls around just when the spring is crazy, activities become relentless, and I (for one) feel worn out and tapped to the hilt. Thanks for your lovely words -- it is such a privilege to get to <i><i>(get to!)</i></i> be a mom. And it sure makes me super grateful for all my own mom, Bobbie, has done. I can't imagine how many meals she prepared for all 5 of us, much less everything else. Her grace and calm under the craziness of 5 kids amazes me. Happy to be a mom and have a great mom today.

  • Dutch Blitz » On Mother’s Day Says:

    [...] I have a post up over at The Daily Grommet: What Mother’s Day means to me. [...]

  • julespieri Says:

    As my own children are getting pretty close to becoming independent beings, I find my thoughts focused towards on my own mom for this holiday. Like my sons will soon be, I'm an independent being, of course. And that alone is a bit of gift to my mother. After all, isn't that what (selfless) mothers worldwide wish for their children? To become healthy, happy independent adults.

    Some years I have felt that was the best gift I could give her (especially when I couldn't afford to give her much else). But this year it's not enough, because I can't give my mom what she most needs now. She needs good health. She's battling serious cancer and is in the midst of challenging chemotherapy treatments. She's in Detroit, and I live far away in Boston, so the independence I so strove for now separates us when she really needs me.

    My mom is handling this with her characteristic acceptance, quiet calm, and faith. But if I could give her anything for Mother's Day, it would be to take away the very <strong>reason</strong> she has to be so strong right now. So I guess what Mother's Day most means to me, at this time, is gratitude for the mom I have.

  • Sara Says:

    My mother passed away several years ago and every Mothers Day I think deeply about her and my love and admiration for her keeps growing. Even on Mothers' Day she had the roast cooking and the potatoes peeled, while we visited her and brought her hanging plants and boxes of our favorite chocolates and Shalimar perfume. She raised her brood of 11 children with strength and selflessness and a brilliant sense of humor. She was our hero...we all wanted to be her. I remember watching the movie Titanic together and it occurred to me that she was my Unsinkable Molly Brown. I told her that, she laughed and thrust her fist in the air and said "You betcha." Being tough, and kind and having fun.

    Yes, my mother was a woman with guts and heart and faith. But best of all for us kids, she could tell a great story. We loved her stories. They completed her and made us all feel that we were of a special breed. They gave us insight into who this incredibly strong, devoted woman was, and so, who we ourselves were. She was the funniest and kindest woman I have ever known. I loved and value every moment I spent with my mother.

    My faith tells me that we will be together again and I am hopeful for that. In the meantime, I want to make her proud, to show her that I am her daughter, that I watched and learned and will always remember her lessons. And I am grateful that I am getting to know her better each day as I experience all the blessings of my own motherhood, with all its tears of vulnerability and pure joy.

    Happy Mothers' Day!

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