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What one word would you use to describe your company culture?


I loved this brief, recent article in Xconomy.  The author, Gregory T. Huang, asked six CEO's for one simple word to describe their company culture.  And to defend it.  The words selected for the various company culture descriptions were:

  • Paranoid
  • Execution
  • Competent
  • Humble
  • Easy
  • Obsessessed
Of course, I had to think about the single word for Daily Grommet, and I'd have to go with what D.C. Denison said about us in a recent Boston Globe article:
When we started the company Joanne and I agreed that our goal was to give our customers a daily "ten second adventure."  That early wordsmith-ing is still posted on an office door.  So when we read the article we all just smiled and said, "Wow.  He got us."  The reality is that no one has ever done what we do before:  combining original content, community, actual commerce and live conversation in one simple vehicle.  And trying new technologies all the while.  As one of our writers, Emily Costello recently said,  "It's just hitting me.  Daily really does mean daily."
Beyond that we take personal and commercial responsibility for the Grommet choices.  We test a lot of crazy products.  We back new and unknown companies.  And we stick our faces on video.  How many corporate teams wake up to that reality every day?  Adventurous covers it.
But, I would love to know what words other people would use to describe their own company culture.  Feel free to leave an anonymous comment if you need to protect your job!  (Or also feel free to re-do the Daily Grommet word, if you think we might be better served with another idea.)
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