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What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life

If you've ever stood in front of your closet and said, "I have nothing to wear."

If you've ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, " I should have started that diet last week."

If you've seen a recent photo of yourself and gone home and burned the outfit then...

This is the book for you.

Kim Gross, co-author of the Chic Simple book series, dispenses advice on the subject of clothes, self- esteem, our bodies with a lot of good humor and a liberal smattering of common sense. Recently divorced, mother of two daughters and former editor for Town & Country Magazine, Kim always considered herself at the forefront of style and fashion but as she got older and noticed the pounds creeping on in the wrong places (she refers to it as "The Alien") she realized she had to make peace with her body, her closet and self-image.

She takes charge and what she learns resonates for anyone who likes clothes and likes to feel good in what she is wearing.  W2W (What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life) is Kim's journey to discovery. In each chapter there are quotes from famous designers (Coco Chanel, Diane von Fursterburg)

"There's totally, completely a connection to mood and the clothes you wear." Diane von Furstenburg

"A woman's wardrobe shouldn't change every six months. Use what you own and add to them." Yves St. Laurent

She also includes notes from non-designers, a section she entitles Closet Confidential, as they deal with the changing body. The tone throughout is light and funny but the message is informative and practical. This is DIY for yourself.

From Closet Confidential: "I try to wear one piece that is interesting because it is different. It took me a long time to figure out that different is good." Beatrix, CEO from PA.

Kim starts out by suggesting a" Feel Good Closet" composed of well tailored classics (jeans, black dress, suit, white shirt, black pants cashmere sweater). Don't be afraid to jazz up your looks with attractive necklaces, show a bit of decolletage or wear eye-catching earrings, Kim advises. We need to feel good in our clothes. She also notes her style mentors like Diane Sawyer, Oprah, Katie Couric and how as they aged their wardrobes reflected a subtle but discriminating uplift. Other former and present fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Martha Stewart get frequent mention for looking good at any age.

Another chapter is devoted to hints and tips for camouflaging problem areas : e.g., if you have large hips, cut out the pockets in pants and stitch them up for a more slender look and leaner appearance. Confidence is the best thing you can wear at any age,  states Ms. Gross, but our clothes do make a statement about us, Clothes Talk. They are our autobiographies. At any age from 20's through 60's or 70's we need to assess, de-junk and renew. An altogether good message not only for our clothes, but maybe for our lives, too.

No matter what shape, size or age, you're sure to learn something from What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. I personally know at least 6 good friends who would love this book, and can't wait to pass it along. Hope you'll stop back and share your favorite tips with us!


  • bostonkayakguy Says:

    Well my wife is ecstatic! One of her fave authors Kim Johnson Gross, and one of her fave entrepreneurs Jules Pieri of Daily Grommet - both on the same page!

    She tells me that both of you are innovative and think outside of the box. She ought to know - she's a Babson entrepreneur and hangs with the best and brightest!

    This is a great book, and the millions of women who exude casual elegance and are writing the script for those women who pushed the professional envelope, will find 'WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" to be the reliable friend they always go to when seeking wardrobe advice.

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