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What’s Inbound Marketing and Why Do I Care?

Inbound Marketing

Dharmesh talking Inbound in Action!

Many people don’t realize that Daily Grommet is so much more than an online shopping site where you can find unique, undiscovered gifts – we’re also a product launch platform that brings products to life, tells their unique stories and amplifies their message. We love to help businesses take their products to the next level.

Every day, we produce new videos, photos, and story content to launch our Grommet partners. Thus we’ve seen first-hand the power that comes with leveraging a variety of digital marketing tactics.

Last week, a few of our team members attended a class through Intelligent.ly called “Inbound Marketing for Startups” taught by Dharmesh Shah, Founder & CTO of HubSpot. Dharmesh gave actionable marketing tactics for entrepreneurs – and they can be applied to any product or business! “There are no excuses, that your business is ‘too boring’ or ‘doesn’t work’ for Inbound Marketing,” says Dharmesh.

We found his presentation to be powerful yet easy to implement. Read more below and let us know if you’ve tried these, or can’t wait to get started.

 What is inbound marketing?!

It’s the counterpart to outbound marketing, which consists of “pushing” your company’s messaging onto others - cold-calling, TV ads, trade shows, fliers. It seems that every day, these methods hold less and less power. Inbound is the process of “pulling” people in to engage based on their needs and wants. Examples of this include blogging, SEO, inbound links and creating great content.


How do I get started?

  • Understand SEO: SEO may seem daunting, but HubSpot has a wealth of resources to get even the least tech-savvy up and running with their Search Engine Optimization Webinar Series.  To get the gears going, “start with a list of keywords” says Dharmesh. Jot words and phrases that describe your business and what you do to satisfy the needs of your customers. Then put yourself in your customer’s shoes – what words, phrases or resources may they use to search for a solution to their problem?


  • Be Link-Worthy: Create great content that people will want to share. The more people who link to you, the more qualified you rank in search engines. Ultimately, Dharmesh admits that while you should prioritize optimizing your site, your main goal should be to “make humans happy, not search engines.” Ultimately, Google is striving to help solve problems for humans.


  • BLOG and blog more: “If you aren’t blogging, you should be, because it works!” says Dharmesh. It will be frustrating in the early stages of writing, but be patient and diligent. If you’re having trouble brainstorming ideas, there are a multitude of resources that can help you get started. With great content comes great rewards.


What suggestions do you have to add in order to get found?

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